Yify Torrents 2019: Best Yify/YTS Proxy, Sites & Legality Concerns

Yify Torrents is something for which I think breaking rules is worth it especially at this moment where the online world is on the verge of losing net neutrality.

Yify movies torrent also recognized as YTS.gs, one of the finest, HD quality torrenting website. It has all the amazing content for which you are looking for. From most popular movies to music, everything is here and downloadable.

Yify Torrents

A massive amount of binge-watchers is dependent on Yify Torrents (YTS.ag). Due to its HD quality content of latest plus old movies, superfast downloading speed and as compared to other torrenting domains.

Not to mention, with Yify Torrenting I discovered Kings of VPN industry that I strongly recommend you while using Yify Torrents to download your favorite movies or music.

Yify YTS Torrents – Explained

After what FCC is trying to vanish net neutrality, I think using Yify torrents (YTS.gs) is the only way to fulfill your binge cravings. Moreover, this could be one of the ways to answer the cable companies and ISP’s regarding limiting the audience by showing those streaming channels. And sites only that will pay them hefty amounts.

So, Yify movies torrent is the king of online content piracy world that is ruling the torrent world for years. This Yify Torrent group is famous for its HD quality movies library. Which releases on different torrent domains. Moreover, how it became a heaven for binge watchers.

The ocean of users on Yify site, make creators think something bigger and finally come up with their very own YTS torrent domain.

As expected, due to phenomenal traffic on its website on a daily basis makes YTS dominant website in the torrent world. However, due to providing pirated content on such a massive platform, the authorities start cracking down Yify Torrent website. Finally, they get penalized in New Zealand.

After some time the case was finished due to an agreement. However, it ended soon when New Zealand authorities started a campaign by spreading the news that Yify Torrents is a piracy group eight years group.

After this campaign, the YTS creators was taken down. However, in 2018 is still working fine but the creators are still anonymous, but it doesn’t matter since they are not harmful.

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High standard mechanisms encode the reason why Yify/YTS is one of the finest sites for a torrent as compare to other giants is due to the entire content. The primary reason why all the content on the YTS ag website is HD quality is that it uses x246 encoding mechanism.

Is YTS/ Yify Torrents Down Right Now?

If you listen to any rumor regarding Yify torrents is not working, it’s a lie. I have a proof that it works just fine:

Yify Torrents

Additionally, I accept that the YTS/Yify torrents server down a few weeks ago, which is normal. However, it works fine right now. Servers like Yify torrents face this went down issues are normal. Since authorities like FCC still attacks like these, but it still starts working some after some time.

The most deadly attempt by online legal authorities was in 2015, which creates the situation that torrenting is no longer between us. However, it came back after some time.

Is YTS/Yify Torrent Safe and legal?

YTS/Yify torrents safety and legality issue is a prolonged debate. Many cybersecurity professionals have different opinions regarding its legality and safety issue. However when you talk about its safety concern, according to Google YTS website is safe to browse this website.

However, there is no guarantee that ISP’s and cable companies will take care of your privacy. Even these ISP’s are the one who collects your data without any consent. This is why I recommend you to use reliable VPN service i.e Nordvpn or Expressvpn.

In short, when you talk about Yify torrents website safety, feel free to download and browse your favorite content. Additionally, one thing you should know that YTS/Yify Torrents itself recommends users to use the best VPN service for torrenting purposes.

check site status

There are two reasons for using VPN while torrenting; the first is online privacy concerns regarding your sensitive data. Secondly, piracy and copyright issues regarding content available on YTS.am website.

download with vpn

YTS/Yify Torrents Legality Concerns

According to Yify torrents official the issue of legality and piracy concerns of using torrents is still circulated in a grey area:

“Every country has different laws, and the internet is a very weird place when talking about what’s legalities or even morality.”

Logically speaking, Yify torrents website does not offer anything illegal nor anything infringing. It offers movies and content similar to the IMDB website. Moreover, when you click on the download button, the content infringing from the users, not the website.

Without having any knowledge regarding how Yify torrents provide free HD quality movies, most of the professionals think that YTS.ag website is aiding piracy. However, when you analyze the process by which it offers HD content to users, the story is different.

I believe if FCC and legal authorities decide to ban the torrenting due to providing illegal and pirated content. Similarly, they should also make Google illegal too. And the cycle will go further by making the whole internet illegal since there is always an aid of piracy in every content available online.

According to my analysis and privacy evangelist, I believe banning torrents and saying its illegal, it all part of propaganda. To kill the freedom of users online activities by putting a price on everything or ready to give you data to them.

Like other cybersecurity people, I am not here to support whatever these legal authorities do for so-called piracy issue and privacy concern.

Especially, at this time where all the governing authorities want to control every user by involving them in vague policies and regulations that should only benefit them in collecting users data.

Beware of YTS-Yify Torrents Mirror Sites

Since YTS website has unbelievable organic traffic website due to its massive library of HD content. There are many dark online entities are roaming to hunt you down. By making mirror and duplicate sites, which look pretty similar to the genuine one.

Moreover, if you go on these fake websites mistakenly, you will be bombarded with malware and viruses. Here are a few major websites that you should avoid:

YTS Clone Websites



YTS/Yify Torrent Website Overview

Yify torrent website has a very enticing UI design and well organized that make users download their favorite movies from it. The YTS.am domain features “Popular” section that allows users to see most downloadable content .

Moreover, when you further look into the website, there are various categories available. Such as latest movies, best movies according to years or genre and much more.

Yify Torrents popular downloads

The fascinating feature according to my taste is “search bar”. This search bar makes a lot easier to find out your favorite movie. Or movie you are looking for that is not mentioned in the list.

Moreover, sometimes it happens that you do not know what to watch. In this case, you can use the Browse movies tab and search for the relevant category you love to watch. Moreover, you can also browse for movies according to their IMDB ratings.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Yify torrents website provide the best quality content for decades. The reason why people are so addicted to this website is a massive updated content library and super speedy downloads.

However, the concerns regarding torrenting safety and legality are still not clear yet since huge conflicts between  privacy evangelists. Moreover, due to FCC and legal authorities propaganda, users think that it is illegal to use torrent.

I think this is where users are doing mistake because they do not know the whole procedure. Regarding how they get a download by using YTS torrenting website. And the download they get is not from the official website but users library.

I believe after what FCC and legal authorities trying to do regarding control and track online activities by vanishing net neutrality, it is okay to break some rules.


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