Four Virus Error: Is your iOS/Android/Windows System Heavily Damaged ?

It all begins with a simple notification that says, “ Your system is heavily damaged by Four Virus ”.

Sadly, there is no authentic way to stop such malware and virus developers. Currently, security of devices is a big question for tech giants, as they are struggling to find an appropriate solution.

Although, individuals with little knowledge of viruses and malware, sometimes find a way to temporarily solve this issue, but still are not able to solve it permanently.

browser is heavily damaged by Four Virus

This guide will provide you most appropriate solutions to remove the Four Virus from your iOS / Android / Windows devices.

Before moving forward to a solution, we think it is necessary for our audience to know about what is Four Virus and to which extent it can damage your devices.

What is Four Virus?

In real “Four Virus” is not a virus! Yes you read it right. That is why most anti-viruses fail to detect and remove this malware.

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Developers create “(4) Virus” to create a bunch of apps with browser hijacker. This way, they are able to show thousands of ads and promotional banners in one go. How it’s done? It’s very simple, these bundle of malicious pops-ups generate from a coding language (JavaScript) in your browser.

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 How “Four Virus” finds your browser? It comes when you install different apps or extension from third party or unknown resources.

If you want to keep your device safe from viruses, we suggest you to install apps and content from the official stores.

We hope until now you get some idea about what kind of bug 4 Virus is and how it is created by hackers. But, to which extent does this malware impact and damage the performance of your device?

Does Four Virus impact all devices?

When you are browsing, if you see a pop up like “your device is 28.1% damaged because of harmful viruses from recent adult sites”, then it means that your browser contains a “Four Virus”

Actually, this pop-up statement is meant to misguide you in order to install different anonymous software’s. It also provides you link to get the assistance from technical developers.

Surprisingly, according to tech experts, this malware is not that strong to affect your personal media, card details or any other significant personal information. This malware is only capable of affecting your browser in the form of different banners, ads, and pop-ups with the same message until you don’t accept them.

But, if you do accept these pop-ups, then you are in trouble. It will lower your device performance by installing some deadly viruses (such as Ransomware or Torjans).

We find some very serious cases where users are affected by Four Virus. One user who is infected by Four Virus shares very annoying experience that his smartphone made very loud and high beeps.

Four Virus Reddit

Although we find another person whose system is actually damaged by some serious short circuit and rats, but he thinks that Four Virus damaged his system.

Damn my parents are gonna be pissed when they find out my system is heavily damaged by Four virus. from engrish

So the best way to keep this virus affect limited to your device browser is not to accept or tap anonymous ads and links that are continuously pop-out while surfing.

Four Virus Warning Types

Surprisingly, Four Virus pops out with the same message “your system is heavily damaged by Four Virus”. So it is very easy for you to guess whether it’s a Four Virus or not.

Due to different interface and display of OS such as iOS, Android, and Windows, the only difference is in terms of graphical appearance of the Four (4) Virus.

So, how Four Virus appears in different OS?

Is Your PC / Laptop heavily damaged by Four Virus

Before iOS and Android, there was Windows. It is one of the oldest platforms that is infected by various viruses. If you use unofficial sources to install different software’s on your PC/Laptop or browsing some unknown websites, then you may welcome by Four Virus when you open browser.

Computer Infected by Four Virus

However, in order to make this platform more secure, latest version of Windows provides the feature of Microsoft Store to offer official software’s. But still, Microsoft store still lacks to offer some significant apps and softwares. Also, there is no way to restrict users to limit them from browsing anonymous websites.

Your system is heavily damaged by Four Virus on iPhone

If you are an iPhone/iPad user and regularly install different apps from third-party sources, then there is a chance that this virus may affect your device.

In order to make iOS more secure and safe from viruses, Apple provides less app to its users as compared to Android and Windows devices.

four virus warning on iphone

That is why there is a point when you need reliable third-party clients to enjoy your favorite apps like Bluestacks emulator.

Although even you are using the latest version of iOS, you are still not safe from Four Virus if you are a great user of third-party web or go on to different anonymous websites.

Your system is heavily damaged by Four Virus on Android

If you install unauthorized apps from Play Store or browsing anonymous websites, then there is a great chance that Four Virus may surprise you when you open browser with the following message

four virus warning on android

Although, Android is open source as compared to iOS, so there is a high chance that Android user may be affected by this virus highly greatly.

There is no doubt that Android provides some outstanding features such as split screen function, which Apple iPhone models are still struggling. But due to Android open platform, there are chances that your device may infect by viruses like (4) Virus.

Four Virus removal guide

Steps to remove Four Virus from PC / Laptop

The good news is you don’t need any antivirus to remove Four Virus from your PC  /Laptop. For Four Virus removal, please follow these steps:

  1. XP users, Click Start option > Select Control Panel > Go to Programs and Features > Select Add/Remove Programs4-virus-removal-step-1
  2. For Windows 8/10 user, right click at lower left corner of the screen to get Access Menu > Select Control Panel > Go to Uninstall a Program option4-virus-removal-step-2
  3. Now Start Uninstalling Anonymous ProgramsAfter Uninstalling these programs, Click OK to save changes
  4. After Uninstalling these programs, Click OK to save changes

Remember, it is possible that you will not see an anonymous program with a similar name as mentioned above. If you don’t have the ability to recognize the anonymous program, then you can use Reimage Plus Software  for Four Virus removal.

Reimage Plus Software has the ability to scan your system and replace corrupt and anonymous files. This works great in most scenarios, especially where Four Virus infected your system main files and folders.

How to remove Four Virus on iPhone/iPad

There are few possibilities that you may face Four (4) Virus on your iPhone / iPad. But in case it happens, the good thing is 4 Virus only attacks default browser (Safari).

But if it happens, follow these steps for Four Virus removal:

  1. First, unlock your iPhone/iPad > Go to Settings > Open Safari > Tap Clear History and Website Data4-virus-iphone-removal-step-1
  2. Now go back to Setting > Safari > Advance option > Tap Remove All Website Data4-virus-iphone-removal-step-2
  3. Restart your iPhone/iPad and check if the problem is fixed

Remove Four Virus on Android

Since Android is an open source platform, the Four Virus intensity for damaging your device is very high. That is why there is more than one solution available for Four Virus removal.

Follow these methods to remove 4 Virus from your Android device:

Locate Four Virus

If you accidentally accept the virus removal software proposed in the Four Virus message, then it is mandatory to remove it immediately. For removal, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Android device (Smartphone/Tablet) Settings option > Go to Application Manager > Select Apps Option
    locating four virus
  2. Select Filter Option and search for “Locate Four Virus”
  3. If Filter option able to find Four Virus > Select it and remove or uninstall immediately
  4. Now restart your Android device and Open the browser and check whether the issue is fixed or not

If this method still fails to work, don’t worry, follow setting permission for Android.

Setting Permissions for Android

  1. Go to Settings option > Select More Option > Select Security options > Device Administrators
  2. Now look at the Permission and evaluate that only official apps (install from Google Play Store and Android Device Manager) have the permission to customize your device
  3. Go back to the Security option and check all the unknown sources are disabled
  4. Now restart your Android device and check if the issue is resolved or not

Directly Remove Four (4) Virus from Your Browser

If the Four Virus is still prevailing on your device, then you don’t have to worry because there is another way to fix this issue. Just follow these steps:

*Note: if there is only one browser that is infected by Four Virus, then you just follow these steps one time. But in case the (4) Virus has infected multiple browsers on your Android device, then you have to repeat these steps with all of them.

  1. First, unlock your Android device > Go to Settings > Apps > Enable All Apps option
  2. Now Search for the browser that is infected by Four Virus
  3. Select the infected browser > Tap “Force Stop” option
  4. Now wait to close the browser completely and then select Clear Data option
  5. Once the process is complete, Tap Clear Cache optionclear cache
  6. Now restart your device and check if the issue is resolved or not


We hope that you would find this article helpful to remove Four Virus from your Android/iOS/Windows device. We always recommend that you do not to install apps from third party sources or browse unknown websites.

In case your device is get affected by (4) Virus, follow the above-mentioned solutions to resolve this issue.

If you still have any query or confusion, contact us, by mentioning your comment below.

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