Android System Webview: How does this App Work

When you are running out of space, you always think about what app should I delete? But most of the time, Android smartphone users delete some useful system apps and blame Android developers.

Users must know that all system apps are develop to maintain your smartphone performance. So when you delete these system apps, by time your smartphone fail to perform efficiently.

So due to these negative effects on smartphone performance, do not try to delete these system apps in order to main efficient performance of your smartphone.

If you are using 4.4 or above version of Android, probably you see a system app called “System WebView”. This app actually plays a vital role to keep your smartphone performance stable by showing web content within the app without closing it. So what is Android System Webview actually?

What is Android System WebView?

If you are using Facebook app on your smartphone, you see different post links and online shopping websites as well. When you click on these links, system open links within the Facebook app without closing it.

This overall process is feature by Android System WebView app. Yes you read it right! This system app provides the browser within the app with all the features such as scrolling, copy, and zoom in and zoom out similar to individual browser app such as (Chrome and Opera).

Android System WebView app provides platform to third party to open different websites within the app. Before the development of this system app, if you want to open any link within Facebook, you have to leave Facebook and open it on bowser.

So to use the Facebook again, you have to close the browser first and open it again. To make this whole procedure simpler, Android developed System WebView app, now you just tap the link and it opens within the app.

For Which Android Version System WebView App is Effective?

The developers of System WebView has changed its features time after time. As compare to Jellybean version, in Kitkat (4.4), due to chromium-based System WebView app was become more user friendly.

But after the release of 5.0 lollipop version, the developers recreate the System WebView into a separate app. So it means you don’t have to update the overall OS if there is any need of update or bug fixes related to app.

If you are running lower than 7.0 (Nougat) version of Android, we suggest you to enable System Webview app in your smartphone. Otherwise in 7.0 or above, the OS directly uses Chrome to open different web pages within the app.

The main reason for adding this feature is to save battery. So there is no need to enable Android System Webview. According to developers, using Chrome as System Webview, it means your system uses a single browser. In this way it is more efficient way to save battery.

How Android System WebView is Helpful for Developers?

For developers, System WebView is a very handy app. It provides the feature to include browser while creating app. By just adding WebView library and design a prompt option, it directs to lodge browser within the app by offering website pages and enforcing java script.

Steps to Add this Feature in your App

Add Internet Permission in Android File Manifest>Add WebView code

By following the above step it directs the web page within your app.

Final Thoughts

We hope after reading this article, you gain knowledge about what is Android System WebView and how does it work.

So if you are using Android Marshmallow (6.0) version or lower, we suggest you to always enable System WebView app for efficient performance.

But still if you have any query, feel free to engage with us by mentioning your comment below.

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