Google Chat Messaging App to compete with Apple’s iMessage

After giving up on Allo messaging service, Google finally announced its own Google chat messaging app for Android users in order to replace SMS. This is something obvious that Google is also targeting to defeat Apple “iMessage” and other widely used messaging services such as WhatsApp with the help of mobile carrier services.

This new chat-messaging app is not like traditional SMS or testing services or modern messaging services (e.g. Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Signal or WhatsApp) that are mainly working on OTT (Over the Top) mechanism, which circumvent the smartphone operator by directing messages over the internet.



Google’s chat messaging app is very different from these services. According to “The Guardian”, Android users will not need to download any app registration to use this service. This new messaging app is based on more advance mechanism known as RCS (Rich Communication Services).

This is something revolutionary by Google. If Google becomes successful to introduce RCS as a global standard, then it may be possible that it greatly reduce Facebook’s anonymous monitoring of user’s messaging activities.

According to Google officials, this initiative may be the last chance for smartphone carrier providers, to make sure they do not provide any data loopholes for other tech giants to steal personal data of users when it goes over the internet.

Although one of the Google’s Lead “Anil Sabharwal” told that “We are not planning to create service like Apple’s “iMessage”. We do not believe in that kind of approach. We are mainly concentrating to create a broad ecosystem. Yes, We believe in acquisitions and love to work with partners like OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in order to provide an unbelievable experience”

However, the messaging app is a very tough market to lead. But if Google will be successful in working with leading carrier providers, then there is a possibility that Google may take over this market.

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