How to go back to Windows 7/8 from Windows 10 after 30 days

So are you looking for a way to revert to Windows 7/8 from 10? Did you forgot to create a backup while updating your system? Don’t worry; this article will provide a proper guideline for users on how to go back to Windows 7/8 from Windows 10 after 30 days.

It is exciting and shocking at the same time that Windows 10 is the best version of all time. However, there are some core issues with the operating system. Many users regret their decision after updating their system to Windows 10 because of missing drivers and applications not working correctly.

how to go back to windows 7

How to Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7/8 after 30 Days

Go back to Windows 7/8 on 31st Day

Yes, this method works! If you recently updated to Windows 10 for 30 days and you begin right now, then you still have an opportunity to go back to Window 7/8.


Open Settings > Go to “Update and Security” option > Select “Recovery” > Navigate the system by Clicking “Get Started” option to go back to Windows 7/8.

Now one thing you require is to wait, and after 30 days, you can use your old Windows 7/8.

Customize File Name within 30 Days and go back to Windows 7/8

This technique requires you to customize some files and folders name within 30 days just after updating your system to Windows 10. In this way, you can revert your system to Windows 7/8 easily without any restrictions.


  1. Customize files: $Windows.~BT, $Windows.~WS,  Oldfolder to Bak-$Windows.~BT, Bak-$Windows.~WS and Bak- Windows. Old respectively.

Windows 10 will fail to remove these files since you customized the names.

Now if you want to go back to your previous operating system, customize the name of the files again to their old names.

  1. Open “Settings” > Go to “Update and Security” option > Select “Recovery” > Click “Get Started” > Select “Restore Factory” option

This technique to downgrade Windows can be done by creating a backup of these files in external hard drive with old names.

Uninstall and Delete Windows 10 after 30 Days

This technique is suitable only for those users who update their system to Windows 10 only once. If you upgraded your Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 several times, this technique might fail.

Users who only updated their system once, they can avail this technique to Uninstall and Delete Windows 10 and go back to previous Windows 7/8.


Open “Settings” > Select “Update and Security” option > Click “Recovery” option > Select “Get Started” > Select “Restore Factory Settings”

The system will automatically uninstall and delete your files, folders, settings, and apps, and reinstall the previous version of Windows 7/8.

Clean Install Method

Still failed to restore your previous system by following the above mentioned techniques? It is great news for you that there is a way to go back to Windows 7/8.

Thanks to Microsoft for providing separate ISO files for Windows 7/8. Please remember that you can reinstall the previous version of Windows 7/8 if your system genuinely comes with 7 or 8 version.

Download Windows 7 ISO Files

Download Windows 8 ISO Files

Also, you need to find your system’s product key. For Windows 7 System, try to find CA (Certificate of Authenticity) sticker. You may see the CA sticker on the back of your system, or on the bottom. In case of a laptop, you may find out inside the battery case.


In case of Windows 8 System, you don’t have to follow these steps at all. You can find product key in your system’s firmware. If so, the operating system will find it automatically and install the previous version.


  1. First, Download Windows 7/8 ISO files by using above links to external hard drive or USB with Windows USB/DVD download tool
  2. Now boot from external hard drive or USB and reinstall Windows 7/8, navigate the system to overwrite Windows 10 system on hard drive
  3. The system will overwrite the Windows 7/8, and you can enjoy your previous operating without any hassle


In case of any failure, while reverting from Windows 10 to Windows 7/8, we suggest you create a backup of your present Windows system and personal data.

Always use appropriate Windows backup software – it help you to create a specific partition for necessary data.



There is no doubt that Windows 10 is a supreme version among all. Still, several problems generate difficulty for users.

We hope that you would find this article helpful for “how to go back to Windows 7 from Windows 10 after 30 days.”

If you still have any query and issues while using above techniques, contact us by mentioning your comment below.

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