Net Neutrality Pros and Cons that you should Know

The core debate regarding Net Neutrality is based on who has the right to take over the control of data and information is flowing on the internet? Moreover, answer regarding this question can only be concluded by discussing its Pro’s and Con’s with extensive elaboration.

Without Net Neutrality, the easy way to understand it’s like you go the restaurant and ask for some specific dish and the waiter will show all those dishes that gives restaurant more benefit from the one you want to order.

On the other hand, With Net Neutrality, users have more control what they want to see, search or use on the internet. They get the right to express what they think about something without caring about the ban or restriction coming from the governing authorities.

This makes them more satisfied as compared to the world where their access to the internet is limited since all the internet providers have the control what they want to show you based on their contracts.

However, still, with neutrality, there are so many aspects of the internet that can be overused and turntable towards disaster.

However, as per my opinion, things should be perfectly balanced in the world of the internet just like Thanos said in Avengers Infinity War.

So, let dig deep into the Net Neutrality Pros and Cons to find out how we make the internet world perfectly balanced that will be accepted by both users who favor net neutrality and providers who don’t.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is a plan that is designed to manage the content equally, which is available on the internet. Like in the world where internet is neutral, service providers Verizon and Comcast must treat all the content flowing through their services equally.

net neutrality

This means they don’t have the control to block data or to prioritize specific content. In short, under Net Neutrality paradigm, the internet service providers can’t slow down your streaming channels such as Netflix and HULU to market their private streaming services.

Net Neutrality Pros and Cons

Pros of Net Neutrality

1- Offers Balance Place to Surf the Internet

With Net Neutrality, Internet Service Providers have very little control over the content which is flowing on the internet that is used by the users. However, there is still control on dark online activities, but major ISP’s organizations like Verizon and AT&T won’t be able to show only specific content to users.

In short, with Net Neutrality, the internet service providers can’t slow down your favorite streaming channels, block access, or change the content direction to prioritize the content from where they can get a huge amount of money.

2- Provide Secure Place for Innovation

With Net Neutrality, even the tycoons of internet industry won’t get the edge over small startups to get the knowledge first. Hence, every information regarding innovation will be distributed equally and at the same time.

This will leads to giving them equal opportunities for every online business to grow at the right pace and also participate in the development of innovations, which is only done by giant organizations due to infinite flow of funding.

3- Freedom of Speech

By implementing Net Neutrality regulations, every single entity on the internet will get the freedom to express what they feel with the help of videos, contents, blogs, podcast, etc. under legal operating procedures.

There is no such concept of censorship or banning content since ISP’s don’t have the right to remove or censor content which they don’t like personally or their affiliates.

However, tracking illegal content could be easier with Net Neutrality since everything will be transparent.

Without freedom of speech, it will increase the ratio of illegal content to become more available such as child pornography and taboo activities since it will become difficult to track.

4- Dark Activities Can be Tracked & Monitored

Since nothing is restricted under Net Neutrality, it will become very easy to find the illegal content on the internet by searching it.

In this way, all the illegal content will get banned or removed from the internet without damaging the minds of young generation. This means ISP’s still have the control to ban or remove illegal content.

5- Creates Healthy Competition in Online Businesses

With the help of net neutrality, the online business will operate in perfect competition. It means none of the online business could rank top due heavy advertisements.

Only those online organizations will rank, who offers the best quality product in the market without depending on its size. This will lead to creating a competitive online market, where only top quality and service will be manufactured.

Cons of Net Neutrality

6- Huge Amount of Data are Used Without any Appropriate Compensation

Initially, when the internet came into existence for the public, it was not planning to use for consuming a huge amount of data. Since now the internet is getting more advance on a daily basis, it leads to making easy access for the users.

This easy access allows the different organization to make the internet streaming hub, which means massive of data are used without any compensation.

The biggest examples of compensation are different streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

7- Great Fall in Income From Internet Use

Since the primary objective of net neutrality is to prevail equality for the content, which is flowing on the internet. However, this thing is concerning with Net Neutrality as all of the users have to pay the same amount without looking into the usage. This will lead to creating a great fall in income, which is generated with the help of internet subscription.

8- Difficult to Differentiate Which Content is Legal

Since what we already discuss that with Net Neutrality, it creates freedom of speech for the users and publishers over the internet, but at the same time, it will create a tough situation to differentiate which content is legal or not.

Due to differences in beliefs, religion, culture, and religion, there can be a large difference in opinions regarding some specific content that leads to another huge debate that will be impossible to conclude.

Final Verdict

After discussing the Net Neutrality Pros and Cons, now I believe that you will agree with my opinion that the implication of Net Neutrality must be perfectly balanced.

However, we will keep updating this blog timely based on our research and information we get on this obfuscate Net Neutrality debate.

In case if you have any confusion or want to contribute any valuable addition, feel free to contact us, by shouting out your comment below.

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