How to Recover an unsaved Word Document in Windows 10

Are you wondering how to recover unsaved word document in Windows 10? Fret not, as we’ve got you covered.

You can recover your most valuable unsaved document with ease. Yes, you have read it correctly. Microsoft Word offers an auto-save feature by default.

However, users are unable to view their lost documents in the recovery panel when they open MS Word. There are reasons you should consider while trying to find your unsaved Word documents.


How to Recover unsaved Word Document in Windows

Sometimes, your computer shuts down unexpectedly. Likewise, you mistakenly click “Don’t Save” option while closing the document. For users’ ease, here is a list of steps you can follow to recover your hidden Word document. The list includes:

  • Go to Windows Start menu
  • Click on File Explorer > Select This PC provided on the left menu
  • Write .asd in the search bar and hit enter on your keyboard

This is how you can recover unsaved Word document in Windows 10 straightaway. Fortunately, you can explore ways to recover your lost Word documents in various versions of Microsoft Word. The Microsoft Office support allows users to find their lost documents through AutoRecover Files option.


For Word 2013 Users

If you are using Word 2013 version and want to access your lost Word documents, you should use AutoRecover Files option. Here is how you achieve your objective:

  • From the file menu, click Open > Recent Documents
  • Scroll till the end of all recent documents > Recover Unsaved Documents
  • You may find your desired document, if yes then save it as soon as possible

For Word 2010 Users

The same goes for Word 2010 users as you can take help from Microsoft Office support. Here is the list of steps they should take to recover lost Word 2010 documents:

  • You should click Recent from the file menu
  • Now click on “Recover Unsaved Documents” option
  • If you have explored your required document, open it by double clicking
  • Save it immediately to not lose the document again


For Word 2007 Users

Similarly, you can find your preferred Word documents if you are using Microsoft Word 2007 version. Here is what to do:

  • Click Microsoft Office button > Word options
  • Click Save in the navigation pane
  • Note path from AutoRecover File location box, click cancel
  • Close word document and open the folder
  • Search for those files that names finish in .asd
  • If you have searched your required file, save it as soon as possible


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How to recover unsaved word Document Mac

  • Close MS Word for Mac
  • Now Click Home then click Documents folder and select Microsoft User Data Folder
  • Find the file that begin with “AutoRecovery save of” words and select the File you want to recover. Rename that document and add file name extension “.doc”
  • Now Open this file in word for mac simply double click on file.
  • Click the File men and Select Save As
  • Now save the file in any folder with your desire given name.

Wrapping Things Up

We expect you can now recover or save your lost word documents no matter which version of Word you are using. Our guide on “How to recover unsaved Word document in Windows 10” will help you to obtain your recovery mission.

You can try the above-described methods to find your lost documents on different versions of Word like 2013, 2010, and 2007 too. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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