Are you the one who wants to test his knowledge regarding how to maintain online privacy in different scenarios?

On this Safer Internet Day 2019, the following Safer Internet Day quiz will help you in making positive decisions to support youth and make the internet great again.


Q1. One of your mate loves photography and loves to post pictures on different social media platforms. The pictures are public and most of them show location and address. What should you suggest your friend to maintain online privacy?
Q2. While using social media, you notice a fake profile of one of your friend. What action will you take?
Q3. Your sibling posted a meme on some public forum and now some group of cyber stalkers harass him in the comment section by posting his personal pictures. How will you help him to make things right?
Q4. Your friend suggested a great website to download e-books for homework. You have a look and think it’s not a reliable website. What do you do?
Q5. Your best friend tells you their password and says, ‘If you’re a good friend then you’d share yours too.’ What do you do?
Q6. You are playing an online game and someone you don’t know wants to add you as a friend. What do you do?
Q7. What information should you NEVER give online...
Q8. What should you do if you get spam or an email telling you to click on a link?
Q9. What are the things that shows a website is secure?
Q10. Your friend has been chatting online to someone for a few weeks now and can’t believe that they have so much in common. They’re thinking of meeting up and are deciding on where to go. What do you tell your friend?
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