What is “BattlefortheNet” and why we should Support it?

The freedom of online activity is on the verge of extinction since FCC decided to vanish the net neutrality. However, there is still a hope to roll back net neutrality with the help of “BattlefortheNet” campaigns.

“We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity. Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us. They are all based on matter, and there is no matter here.”

(John Perry Barlow)

Kicking out the net neutrality means if you want to binge your favorite Netflix show, you get the smooth streaming experience only when Netflix is ready to pay a hefty amount to cable companies.

In short, we can only see only those things that would be beneficial for cable companies. There is no freedom to watch and search content and websites. Since our favorite streaming channels are not ready to fill the mouth of these cable companies.

Companies like Verizon and Comsat will take over our freedom of speech by killing the net neutrality. Suppose a world where your mind indirectly controls to see what these cable companies want to show.

An online world where you never get the chance to satisfy your ultimate online desires once net neutrality vanishes. So is there any way to fight for our online freedom? Alternatively, we can do something that could stop responsible authorities for not taking out the aspect of net neutrality from the internet.

The only way to keep net neutrality alive by understands “BattlefortheNet” campaigns and support the entities who are making their efforts constantly.

So let’s begin with the incident that leads to “BattlefortheNet” campaigns:

What Happens That Force to Start “BattlefortheNet” Campaign?

This is how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of losing freedom of speech in the online world, forces the users to begin “Battle for the internet” against cable companies and FCC.

Here I am not going into the formal details of “BattlefortheNet” campaigns since it was given my most of the websites, but they mostly failed to explain what this battle is actually about?

In my opinion, there is no value of discussing it that what FCC and government said, the answer is they are trying to take away our online freedom by vanishing the net neutrality.

This battle is something that significance is close to biggest wars of the world such as the war on terrorism.

Yes, this is that colossal. Have you ever imagine that how would it affect internet freedom without net neutrality? Let me explain to you why Battle for the Net is so crucial for us:

A World without a “Net Neutrality”

End of the Internet of Things

Vanishing net neutrality, all the ISP’s and carriers will demand priority for their content without caring about users preferences. Alternatively, somebody wants to experience their favorite IOT services; they have to pay a hefty amount for it.

So to save the world of the internet from the darkness of ISP’s and carriers, “BattlefortheNet” is the only way to keep it free and open, where we can fulfill our online desire without paying a hefty amount.

Traffic Will be no Longer Unbiased

Without net neutrality, everything would be circulated on the internet is on priority, not even the traffic will be unbiased.

It means those domains which will pay handsome amount to different ISP’s and carriers, will get the massive amount of traffic by intentionally slowing down the traffic of other competitors websites that make users shift on the website that opens much faster than others.

On the other hand, with net neutrality, all services run at the same speed. It means with the presence of net neutrality, traffic on websites will be unbiased based on the genuine choices of users what they like.

That is why we should be a part of “BattlefortheNet”. To show all the agencies and governing authorities that they can not control and snatch our freedom of speech at any cost.

Data For Streaming Will be Expensive

With net neutrality, access to our favorite streaming show is so easy and almost cost nothing. However, on the other side of the story where net neutrality no longer exists, data plans for streaming your favorite show on Netflix will be almost impossible.

This is because every Internet Service Provider will want to become a cable company. In this way, they can charge a hefty amount from the users according to the usage of data.

It means without net neutrality; now you have to pay the extra amount for 4K streaming and amount of data you use. And there will be no concept of unlimited data plan since carriers, and cable companies officially get the right to charge you extra for smooth service, which is terrifying.

Therefore, “BattlefortheNet” campaign is required to get one more chance to keep the presence of net neutrality from the world of the internet.

ISP’s will become a King

Without net neutrality, ISP’s will become a King of since they have a complete connection with giant players of the internet. They have strong connections with those who paid them massive monetary funds for not getting throttled.

Every single entity who wants to survive in the world of internet to run their services or want the traffic that they deserve should bow down in front of ISP’s and feed them with hefty amounts.

Moreover, the ISP’s who are small in size will be eaten by big guns by throttling their services. And users will switch to big names and also ready to pay the high amount out of frustration.

In this scenario “BattlefortheNet” is the only way to not give the throne of internet world to these cruel ISP’s. And cable companies and take away the control of throttling cheap internet services. And our favorite domains since they can’t afford the pricing ask by these ISP’s.

In short, Net neutrality is the only way to fulfill our key desires regarding the use of the internet. Without it, everything would be commercialized on the internet and only rich one will afford it, which is heart-wrenching.

RIP Free Wi-Fi

No net neutrality means, all the small providers that offer internet in small places like café’s, restaurants and libraries will be swallowed by large ISPs.

Due to large control and strong presence, these ISP’s will try their best to get a return on everything related to internet. And this will lead to saying goodbye free Wi-Fi services.

Moreover, not only small ISP’s will get vanish, but carriers are also taking a huge benefit of this situation.

Since the free Wi-Fi and internet services are almost difficult to find, people who work as digital nomads or journalist will don’t any other option except using internet services provided by carrier services.

This carrier service will now have the benefit to charging ridiculous amount from this kind of users. Moreover, eventually, it will affect greatly to the users who need the internet to earn their living.

By becoming a part of “BattlefortheNet” this kind of scenario must be ended before its get too late. And we all become their puppets, and they will use our minds according to their needs and what they want to show us.

Hard to Measure That You Are Getting Enough

Since without internet neutrality, for almost every single service, which is available on the internet, you have to pay. And it will become very hard to measure that you are getting enough against what you are paying.

This aspect is pretty complex to understand. Like for example you subscribe for internet service that does not offer you some of your favorite services. But after some time you get interested to another online streaming that would be not a part of the existing plan.

Whether you have to forgo your existing plan or have to pay for both services, which will be quite expensive. Moreover, none of the internet services will be completely exhausted against the hefty amount you are paying.

In short, you will play a lot for the services and still cannot get enough to fulfill your internet desires. And for this reason, you should be a part of “BattlefortheNet” campaign to save the freedom of the internet.