FIFA World Cup 2018 – Ultimate Privacy Guide for Travelling to Russia

After the wait for almost four years, FIFA world cup 2018 is just days away. The excitement is at its peak as football fans start gathering in different cities of Russia to enjoy every moment of the World Cup 2018.

However, if you are planning to attend Fifa world cup 2018, then you should know that Russia is renowned for numerous hacking and scamming incidents, to avoid these incidents here is the guide for travelling safely during FIFA World Cup 2018.

And we are sure that these Russian hackers are gearing up to breach your privacy and access your financial accounts, your location, offer fake online hotel bookings and steal your personal information by offering you free Wi-Fi during World Cup 2018.

Fifa World Cup 2018

The reason why we are so sure about these hackers is due to a history of online privacy breaching incidents during sports event like Winter Olympics 2018. Therefore, the World Cup gives them all the opportunities to fulfill their hacking cravings.

At this point, you must be thinking that how could you save your privacy and data while traveling to Russia for the World Cup 2018. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with an ultimate privacy guide for travelers going to Russia.

Here is some step-by-step tips and perquisites that ensure your online privacy safety during Fifa world cup 2018 if you follow them correctly.

How to Book and Plan Your Trip Safely for FIFA World Cup 2018

If you see bonus prize banners or low prices for Fifa world cup 2018 tickets on websites other than FIFA’s official website, then stay well clears as they are 100% scams.

Looking for cheap alternatives and offers might take you towards this terrible situation. These hackers attract users through such activities, luring visitors into fraudulent discounts and misuse their situation to watch the FIFA World Cup at any cost.

Travel Russia

Some of the tactics used by hackers include offering low price tickets or promoting schemes such as buy 1 get 1 free, or avail exclusive discounts by signing up for a random service. Such offers are very attractive, especially if you want to watch multiple matches and are looking for cheap alternatives.

So to avoid these kind of scams, we suggest you buy your tickets only from official FIFA websites, otherwise, you might face great trouble. For your convenience, following are the official links from where you can buy FIFA Russia World Cup 2018 tickets:

How to Bypass Ticket Payments, Transaction and Modes Scams

As we already mentioned, there is a high chance of privacy breaching incidents, as Russia is also known as hacker’s hub. Although, following are some effective tips to avoid online scams regarding transactions and payments while Fifa world cup 2018.

russia 2018 world cup

  • The devices that you are taking with you while traveling to Russia for World Cup 2018, make sure all of them have the latest software versions, so that they have updated level of online security.
  • Disable file sharing feature from all your devices while you are not using.
  • Always switch off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of your devices while you are not using it.
  • Purchase VPN services for anonymity and encryption purposes. According to our tech experts, the top three VPN’s are NordVPN, PureVPN and ExpressVPN. These VPNs work well in Russia and will keep your online privacy safe and secure.
  • Switch on location tracking while travelling to Russia, no matter which ceremonies and events you attend.
  • Prefer 2FA and fingerprint password on your devices. Hence, it will create difficulties for hackers to access your account instantly.

Secure your data by creating a backup on different devices, in case hackers breach your data.

How to Circumvent Digital Privacy Issues in Hotels

The trend of accepting online booking for hotels through cryptocurrency is very in nowadays. That is why there are numerous hotels, which are going to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

This kind of news is good and bad at the same time. First, the good news, if your credit card is not working while booking hotels in Russia, you can use cryptocurrency as a mood of payment. However, due to the current risk of being hacked by Russian hackers might put you in a dreadful situation.

fifa world cup 2018

So what is the best way to keep your crypto account safe from these hackers?

Use Reliable Crypto Wallets

The best solution to avoid any crypto account from being breached is by using crypto wallets. These crypto wallets help you in securing your crypto accounts and making secure transactions.

By utilizing a crypto wallet, you will get a digital receipt for every purchase you make. Therefore, you can keep a record of your crypto transaction and use it as an evidence in case if any crypto account is compromised.

fifa 2018 world cup

Moreover, the digital privacy concern does not limit to only cryptocurrency transactions while booking a hotel. Another risk for digital privacy might be due to using hotel Wi-Fi for online purchases and sharing your activities with your friends and family regarding World Cup 2018.

So what is the way to make your digital privacy secure while using hotel Wi-Fi?

Use a VPN While Using Public Wi-Fi

VPN apps are vital, especially when you are traveling in different countries. Therefore, VPN apps are the best way to keep your identity and online activities secure during Fifa world cup 2018.

cyber safety

Switched-Off Your Wi-Fi on Your Devices While You are not Using it

Make sure to switch off Wi-Fi on your devices when there is no need, especially in hotels and restaurants.

Limit the Access of Apps by Changing Privacy Settings

Try to avoid using apps that use your personal information to give you access or provide services while using hotel Wi-Fi, especially when you are making online payments.

How to Avoid Public Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities in Russia

Wi-Fi is one of the vital elements for football fans during Fifa world cup 2018. It becomes a necessity for travelers when it comes to booking cabs, sending location to friends, or finding places through maps.

Hence, public Wi-Fi is important for everyone, but at the same time, it also provides an opportunity for hackers to steal your online data.

The reason why these Public Wi-Fi’s are so dangerous is that it doesn’t require any authentication to develop a network connection. Therefore, this provides a path for hackers to get ghost access to your devices, which are on the same network.

So how these hackers collect your online data without letting you know? Through their master skills, these hackers create a center data point between you and Public Wi-Fi. Hence, instead of you are sending information to direct internet connection, you are sending your personal information to hackers – horrible isn’t it?

Although after all these Public Wi-Fi vulnerabilities that could happen during Fifa world cup 2018, we have some tips, which help you to avoid these Public hotspot vulnerabilities. So take a deep breath and follow these tips while using Public Wi-Fi in Russia:

  • VPN services are the best way to keep your online data safe from hackers while using Public Wi-Fi during World cup 2018.
  • This tip is a bit difficult to understand but very easy to apply especially when VPN services are down. By enabling the “Always Use HTTPS” feature on websites that you visit on a regular basis, hackers can’t access different social or other financial accounts due to encrypted credentials.
  • Always turn-off the sharing feature while using Public Wi-Fi. It limits hackers from compromising your online data. You can disable this feature by going to system preferences option on your device (it may vary based on the OS you are using).

By following the tips mentioned above, you can make your online data safe and secure while using Public Wi-Fi.

What Kind of Scams You Might Face In FIFA World Cup 2018

Here is the list of scams that you might face while traveling to Russia for the World Cup 2018. We tried our best to cover all the scams that could create trouble.

Lottery & Betting Scam in Russia and How to Avoid It during Fifa world cup 2018

“Suffolk Trading Standards is warning residents and travelers to beware of scam letters claiming you have won a large sum of money in the “International FIFA World Cup Online Lottery.”

If you get any message that is similar to the above-mentioned statement, then beware of these fraudulent betting and lottery scams, and do not provide any of your personal information to them.

world cup russia 2018

To avoid this kind of swindles, always check the kind of offers on the official website and if it doesn’t show anything like that, do not dare to respond them. Otherwise, you might face heavy financial loses regarding anonymous transactions from your account.

Internet Banking Scam at Cafe’s During World Cup 2018

As people are gathering in Russia from all around the world, there is a high chance that different local cafes are going to get higher part-time workers. In this rush season, there might be a possibility that there will be no restricted policies for higher part-time workers

russia world cup

Therefore, there is a high chance that these hackers might purposely work in these cafes to keep their eye on your smartphone or laptop and record your activities with the help of cameras.

So how to avoid becoming a victim of Internet Banking scams at cafes? Avoid doing online banking activities to in such places. Moreover, you can also do these kinds of online banking activities where spying camera don’t exist.

Public Phone Scam in Fifa world cup 2018

It’s wired that public phone booth still exists on the streets of Russia and that is why these hackers don’t miss a chance to scam you during World Cup 2018 by getting your credit card details.

So how it could happen? Suppose you want to make a call to your family, but you don’t have good roaming plan and suddenly see a phone booth in the corner. These phone booths in Russia accept credit card to allow you to make calls.

fifa world cup

When you swap your credit card on these phone booths, there might be a possibility that these Russian hackers will steal your credit card information through advertising their hotlines or install data-recording bugs in the phone booth.

How to avoid this scam? We recommend you to do not use these public phone booths while traveling in Russia for World Cup 2018, unless it’s an emergency and there is no other option.

Russian Visa Online Application Scam

This kind of scam is one of the most common online scams you might face during World Cup 2018. As people are availing online visa application services from all around the world to get Russian travel visa, chances are high such scams occurrence.

world cup russia 2018

Although, due to complicated procedure of online visa application, there might be a possibility that hackers create fake official domains and ask people for personal information such as credit card numbers via bogus websites.

So do not become a person who gets no reply because he/she applied at fake embassy website. Always make sure to apply from official embassy website that is mentioned above.

ATM Scam during World Cup 2018

While traveling in Russia, there might be a possibility that you ran out of cash, go to an ATM to get some money for further need, and start enjoying World Cup matches.

But suddenly, you get messages that your credit is being charged even when you are sitting in the stands and enjoying match. In this situation, you are unable to do anything and you don’t know what to do.

It means you are a victim of ATM scam. When you went to the ATM to get money, these hackers attached different tools that steal your credit card number and PIN codes. And you cant see these additional devices immediately as they are professionally attached with ATMs.






So how to make yourself from these ATM scams? Always check the card insert space has nothing attached to it. You can also take enough amount of cash before going to Russia for World Cup 2018.

And these mentioned above travelling tips are Super Beneficial for Digital Nomads too….

All the travelling tips, which are mentioned above, are super beneficial for digital nomads to maintain their online safety and privacy as most of their earning based on their digital content and online data.

digital nomads 1

And there is no denying that online privacy vulnerabilities are spreading like fire due to high advancement in the field of online and IT industry. And at the current time, this kind of situation can make digital nomads career from great to worst in seconds. Therefore, according to our tech experts, these travelling tips can make the Digital Nomads experience exceptional if they do follow them appropriately.

So, as most of the Digital Nomads are planning to go Russia to cover those FIFA World Cup 2018 moments which are not be covered officially such as after parties, fan feat and different late night events, they should take these tips and advice seriously.

In this way, these Digital Nomads can protect their selves from online attacks by hackers, which may wipe out their work and content by just making a snap and it would be devastating.

Moreover, the efforts of making unique content for the events like the FIFA World Cup 2018 is something that would make you or break you like this kind of events have one of the massive following globally. Therefore, we don’t think that any Digital Nomads will never take a risk to ignore this kind of secure online tips which could have the potential to finish their careers. So follow the tips and make the world fall in love with your content by providing them different side of the Russia World Cup 2018.

digital nomads 2

Summing Up

Online privacy is one of the critical issues that needs to be addressed, especially when you are going to attend an international event such as Fifa world cup 2018. In this article, with our tech expert, we provided most useful and easy to apply tips to keep your online data safe from deadly Russian hackers.

By applying the above discussed tips, we are sure that you will be successful in keeping your online data safe and enjoy the World Cup 2018 to the fullest. In case, if you have any query or want to add something relevant related to this article, contact us by shouting out your comment below.

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