Is Malwarebytes Safe and Legit to Use? Best Anti-Malware Software [Updated 2019]

As we are heading towards the high tech world, where smart devices protection is a big challenge for app and software developers. And due to high vulnerability prevailing in the anti-malware and antivirus industry, one question is always moving in the mind of users that is Malwarebytes safe and legit to use or not?

Malwarebytes is one of the most reliable cures for malicious malware software for your devices. However, there are some extra efforts and precautions required to make Malwarebytes useful for our devices to keep it secure from malicious malware that hurts the performance significantly.


Initially, when Malwarebytes was launched in January 2006, it was known as “Anti-malware” or “MBAM.” The major confusion regarding Malwarebytes is that so many users think that this software is similar to different anti-virus available in the market. But this is not the case.

What is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that targets malware explicitly from devices and removes it, which can’t be done by most of the anti-virus because of its complexity and robust coding. Moreover, this anti-malware software is available on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Malwarebytes offers two version, known as “Free” and “Premium” versions. The free version of Malwarebytes provides manual scanning option doesn’t include auto-scanning.

It means when you are experiencing your device low performance or if you think that you downloaded some malicious malware, then Malwarebytes software doesn’t warn you about the malware and you need to do a manual scan to check whether it’s a malware or not.

However, if you go for the paid version, which is the “Premium” version of Malwarebytes, then you get an auto-scan feature, active protection, planned scanning as well as flash-memory scanning option.

Malwarebytes premium

But the features which are mentioned above don’t provide us with any reliable evidence regarding “Is Malwarebytes safe and legit to use or not?”

That is why to make it more authentic, our tech experts test this Malware to the maximum, and we also add some users that helps you to decide whether “Is Malwarebytes safe and legit to use or not?”

Is it Safe to Use Malwarebytes?

After testing Malwarebytes extensively by our tech experts, the verdict we have come out with the precise answer against the biggest concern of the users that “Is Malwarebytes safe and legit to use or not.” And we think this anti-malware software is entirely safe to use on your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

And there is no doubt Malwarebytes is one of the best performing anti-malware software. And that ’s why the majority of its users gives top ratings for its phenomenal performance.

However, as we already stated at the start that Malwarebytes is not the ultimate solution to secure your devices from malicious malware and viruses. The best way to use this anti-malware is as a supporting software with reliable anti-virus software.

However, if these statements and revelation regarding “Is Malwarebytes legit to use” are not enough to convince you to use it or not, then the following user’s review will surely help you in accepting that this anti-malware program is the best in the market so far.

Is Malwarebytes Good ? (Quora Reviews)

On Quora, which is renowned for one of the best-unbiased reviews regarding different products, we found some Malwarebytes users reviews that give the proof of its phenomenal performance.

The mentioned below users comment shows that he is very happy and surprised by Malwarebytes performance especially when you talk about its strong threat detection feature.

quora answer

This Malwarebytes user is in love with its performance and explains its both free and premium version features, which are exceptionally good for him.

quora answer 2

However, seems like this users is well-informed regarding scams of downloading fake software and virus. That is why he comments about the right way to download authentic Malwarebytes software to get its exceptional safety features.
quora answer 3

Is Malwarebytes Safe (Reddit Reviews)

While we are testing Malwarebytes to analyze its impacts on the device performance and whether it is safe to use or not, we found some detailed comments of users. And after reading users comments on reddit, it proofs why this anti-malware is best for second line of defense. We found these comments under a discussion which raise the same question that “Is Malwarebytes safe to use or not?”


On the other hand, we found another user comment, which shows its bad experience with Malwarebytes, and it seems like his device is heavily damage by using this anti-malware.


Hence, after reading all the comments and out tech expert’s analysis, one thing is confirm that Malwarebytes is safe to use. However, you can use this anti-malware proficiently as second line of defense.

Malwarebytes or Other Antimalware Software Aren’t 100% Secure

According to our tech expert, the reason why Malwarebytes can’t be used as the first line of defense is that it can’t detect all kinds of virus and remove them.

And not only Malwarebytes but all the other anti-malware software which are available in the market doesn’t provide 100% security. It is because as the technology is advancing rapidly, the developers behind this anti-malware software are always in continuous oscillation with a new form of malware and viruses.

Malwarebytes protection

Therefore, it takes times to test things and to detect new forms of malware and find a way to remove it with the help of their anti-malware software. That is why you get the updates to make sure the performance of Malwarebytes is still a top-notch against new forms of malware and viruses. Hence this gap can’t be filled, no matter how hard these developers try. Although it doesn’t have any concern with “Is Malwarebytes Safe to use or not” because this kind of vulnerability is something which needs time to find a reliable solution.

Is Malwarebytes Safe and Legit to Use FAQ’s

Is Malwarebytes Free Version Good?

The free version of Malwarebytes is good to use but have limited options to secure your devices from malicious malware and virus, which is a bit concerning for users.

Moreover, Malwarebytes free version doesn’t offer auto-scanning features, which means your device will be safe until you manually scan your device regular, which is not great.

But if you are still okay and proactive to regularly scan your device, then Malwarebytes is pretty good free anti-malware to use. However, according to our tech experts, they always suggest users to use the premium version of Malwarebytes as it gives auto-scanning and multiple features to make your device safe from malicious malware in a more efficient manner.

Is MalwareBytes Safe for Mac?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use Malwarebytes for Mac users, but we don’t recommend you to use it on Mac. The reason why we don’t recommend you even though it performs exceptionally well to secure your device from malicious malware is that there is only 0.000001% probability to get a malware attack on Mac OS.

is malwarebytes safe for mac

Therefore its total waste of time to install not only Malwarebytes but any anti-malware program on Mac. However, if anything attack on you by any malicious malware while using Mac OS, which is nearly impossible, then Malwarebytes should be your priority as compared to other anti-malware software available in the market.

Malwarebytes vs Avast

Malwarebytes vs Avast is a lengthy debate, which still keeps going on between its users and developers team as both of this security software are phenomenal in their way. However, as our tech expert analysis, both Malwarebytes and Avast work efficiently when you use them together.

Malwarebytes vs Avast

As we already mentioned that Malwarebytes is not an anti-virus but an anti-malware. On the other side, Avast Cleanup is a proper anti-virus software but failed to detect malware efficiently while scanning. Therefore, if you use both security software together, you will get excellent security on your device by keeping different malicious malware and antivirus away from it.

Summing Things Up

We hope that you find this blog to make your decision regarding “Is Malwarebytes Safe and reliable to use or not?”

There is no doubt that Malwarebytes is one of the most astonishing anti-malware software as compared to other anti-malware software available in the market. However, if you want to use it proficiently, they are steps and precautions to take which you have to keep in your mind while using it.

If you still have any query or confusion related to “Is Malwarebytes safe and legitimate to use,” feel free to contact us, by shouting your comment below.

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