Top 10 Cyber Security Experts You Need to Follow on Social Platforms in 2019

Since technology is moving at a very fast pace, it is difficult for the people who are seeking their career as a Cyber Security professional to keep themselves up to date regarding trends and challenges.

Moreover, things get more complicated when you are confused to find which Cyber Security expert to follow. And in the end, you discover that these experts are only providing his knowledge of its specific projects.

However, if there is a will then there is a way. After getting multiple emails from our audience regarding who should they follow to keep themselves up to date regarding Cyber Security Industry. we decided to do extensive research to find out top 10 Cyber Security experts for you.

Do we have your heat beat rising now?

Yes, you read it right, in this blog you can find out recent Cyber Security experts that help you to keep yourself to go with the pace of online privacy updates, challenges and threats facing by cybersecurity industry and much more.

So without wasting your time, let’s dig into top 10 Cyber Security experts personalities and find out which are of them suits best for you based on your career objectives.

Top 10 Cyber Security Experts:

Bill Brenner

One of the lethal Cyber Security experts of recent time, Bill Brenner is a Senior Editorial Program Manager at Information Security Organization “The Akamai Technologies.”

He has shared his phenomenal ideas and content on multiple IT domains. And also worked as a part of the Board of Directors team at NAISG (National Information Security Group).

Bill Brenner

He is a very active user of Twitter and always busy to engage his followers regarding different ongoing tech world news. And how to implement these new inventions in favor of Cyber Security industry.

Moreover, he also loves to share his ideas and blogs, which can be beneficial for the followers who are planning to, seek their career as a cyber-security professional.

Bill Brenner OCD

Katie Moussouris

This lady is a great example for females who think that they never get their place in the Cyber Security industry. Katie has a passion for exploring vulnerabilities and gaps in different security programs and ideas.

Katie Moussouris

In person, as gorgeous as she looks, she is renowned for its tremendous consulting skills regarding cybersecurity research. And architect of the first highly influential programs such as “Bug Bounty” for the companies like Microsoft.

However, now she owns her cyber security business with the name of “Luta Security”. Moreover, she loves to share her thoughts on different cybersecurity challenges.

Luta Security

Mikko Hypponen

This man is considered as King of Cyber Security for several decades. Mikko Hypponen works as CRO at F-Secure. His findings and research in the field of Cyber Security are top-notch. And he has been featured globally on the platforms like Wired and the New York Times.

Mikko Hypponen

And when he is not engaging in Cyber Security research, you can find him on a social platform. Where he loves to discuss different latest trends. And helps newbies in developing their interest in the field of IT and Cyber Security.

Mikko Hypponen

Eugene Kaspersky

Initially, he started his career as a software engineer who sold antivirus. But later on, he becomes a founder of one of the greatest companies Kaspersky Lab in the Cyber Security field.

Eugene Kaspersky has written a large list of content regarding system virology. And also contributes his knowledge by participating in different Cyber Security conferences.

Eugene Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab now offers its services in more than 200 countries. operating through 30+ international and country offices globally.

Kaspersky Lab

And when he is free from business and conferences, he shares his interesting thoughts, ideas, educational links from different Cyber Security domains.

Brian Krebs

This man loves to write about cybercrime. Brian Krebs is professionally a journalist who is passionate about breaking trendy Cyber Security news. And he is doing this incredibly since 90’s.

Moreover, he is not only known for his breaking habits, obviously Cyber Security news but he is also famous for his New York Times bestseller book “Spam Nation.”

Brian Krebs

He also loves to share his thoughts on different social platforms regarding cybercrimes. And always looking for solutions to contribute to the field of Cyber Security industry.

Krebs on Security

Graham Cluley

One of the leading men behind the success of Sophos and McAfee, Graham Cluley is UK based Cyber Security expert. Due to his extensive knowledge regarding Cyber Security challenges, his thoughts and ideas are greatly follow by people who are working in Cyber Security Industry.

Graham Cluley

Moreover, if you want to know about the latest trend and invention in the tech industry, you can easily find it on the Graham website since he is also known for breaking the latest news regarding Cyber Security.

And when he is looking for new ideas, he starts a discussion on different social platforms regarding latest challenges and threats regarding IT and Online Security Challenges.

Graham Cluley

Robert Lee

Robert Lee started his career in Air Force as a Cyber Security professional. Later, he founded his own Industrial Security Organization “Dragos.”

Robert Lee

Alongside he is also a member of National Cybersecurity Fellow at North America to contribute his mad skills in finding solutions regarding Cybersecurity threats. And challenges faced by nitpicking structure.

He also loves to discuss his thoughts on social platforms and shares his super knowledgeable blogs on his website.

Robert M Lee

Dave Shackleford

Dave Shackleford is one of the gems of Cyber Security industry and founder of Voodoo Security. His knowledge about Cyber Security and SANS is exceptional. That is why his research and findings add great value in the online security industry.

Dave Shackleford

He is best for his creative Cyber Security researches and solutions for challenges faced by the corporate sector.

When he is not busy in the corporate online industry, he shares different creative ideas on social platforms. And also loves to share his research with followers on his website.

Erno Doorenspleet

He is one of the Cyber Security experts who have more than two decades of experience in the field of IT security. Erno Doorenspleet is an international speaker who contributes his research and Cyber Security experience mainly for corporate online security.

Currently, he is working as an Executive Security Advisor at IBM. You can find him at Twitter. Where he loves to share about trending Cyber Security news. He also participates in different discussions regarding the latest IT and online security implementations.

Robert M Lee Erno Doorenspleet

Moreover, when he is not doing these above-mentioned things, he writes informative Cyber Security blogs. Which are beneficent for multiple corporate organizations to make their Cyber Security herculean against today’s challenges and threats in IT industry.

Erno Doorenspleet site

Adam Levin

Renowned for his constant media appearances on different international news channels (ABC, Fox Business, and MSNBC) to educate the audience regarding online scammers, identity thieves, etc.

Adam is also known for his best-selling book “Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves.”  Moreover, most of his research and contribution is mainly in the field of online financial scams. And also how phishers can loot users online, which is considered as one of the biggest challenges in Cyber Security Industry.

Adam Levin

He is always passionate and loves to protect people online security by playing multiple roles like as cybersecurity expert. He is a co-founder of “”. And former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Today, he speaks on topics such as data privacy, tax fraud, and medical ID theft.

When he is not performing his duties, he loves to share his research regarding Cyber Security on Twitter. And also loves to write about the future of online security on his website.

Adam K Levin


We hope that you would find this research helps to find out which one of them is best Cyber Security experts for you. Based on the objectives you set and career you want to pursue in the field of IT and online privacy industry.

However, if you still have any query or want to add any valuable contribution. Feel free to contact us by shouting out your comment below.

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