Reality Check: Fear of Losing Surveillance on Citizens, Makes Google to Restricts Huawei’s Use of Android

In what could be a massive blow to Huawei than this after the US Government backlists the Tech Giant, Huawei, creating panic among customers of the brand!

Reuters reports today that Google will suspend any business it has with Huawei except for hardware and software dealings that comes under open source licenses.

In short, Huawei will immediately lose access to Android updates, and the next upcoming smartphones models will not come with the Google Play Store. And also other Google apps, including Gmail and Google Maps.

Android, on the other hand, is an open source operating system that is free for mobile devices manufactures to use.

However, Google does charge from companies like Huawei in the form of licensing fee to include its Android apps storefront and other apps on their devices.

According to the Verge, Google starts taking these actions after US president Donald Trump declares a national IT threat to US.

But what if I tell you the picture demonstrates by all of these US-based popular websites hiding a reality of the story.

Think logically, is the US Government threaten by Chinese Tech Company?

Is US Intelligence not powerful enough to stop Huawei from stop doing vulnerable actions that are prone to their citizens’ privacy?

Or due to the growing fan base of Huawei, the US government is losing tracking and monitoring of their citizens?

Since Huawei does not corporate much with US government and tech giants like Google to share its user’s data with them, it is something that can not be accepted by a nation who is a part of 5, 9 and 14 eyes countries.

Before I go in-depth into the details, it is essential to explain how this decision will affect Huawei and its users. So read on…

How This Decision Will Impact Huawei Users?

Good news for existing Huawei users that they can update apps, bugs update, and Google Play Store too.

However, when Google releases its next big update for Android, sadly, it will not be able for Huawei users.

Moreover, the upcoming Huawei mobile devices will not get apps like Google Maps and YouTube. However, Huawei can use open source Android system.

Ben Wood, from the CCS Insight consultancy, said the move by Google would have “big implications for Huawei’s consumer business.”

Official Statement of Huawei Regarding Android Ban by Google

“Huawei has made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world. As one of Android’s key global partners, we have worked closely with their open-source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefitted both users and the industry.

Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone. And tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.

We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, to provide the best experience for all users globally.”

Before Backlisting Huawei, the US Government is a Part of FVEY Countries

Since Huawei is getting massive popularity in the US market from the past few years, it creates huge concerns for national tech giants like Google and Apple due to the following reasons:

  • A big part of market share is fetching by Chinese Company
  • Losing surveillance on a tremendous amount of population since Huawei does not corporate with the US Government to share their users’ data.

Huawei market share

I think blacklisting Huawei by the US government is a clear indication of frustration due to losing mass surveillance of citizens’.

Moreover, this is the only way to stop Huawei from getting increasing market share in the US.

In this way, Google and other national tech giants will regain access to Huawei users’ data by going back to Google devices.

Losing Chinese Giant in the US is More Dangerous for Users Online Privacy

To understand this, 20 years ago, this is what one of the legends of the music industry “Prince” once said:

“Don’t be fool by the internet. It’s cool to get on the computer, but don’t let the computer get on you.

It’s cool to use the computer, but don’t let the computer use you. You all saw the Matrix. There is a war going on and the battlefields in mind. And the final price is the soul. So be careful.”

So it means all the things that are available on the internet is not real. Moreover, there is always hidden propaganda behind it.

Since the US is a part of Five eyes, Nine eyes and Fourteen Eyes countries, the increasing the popularity of a company like Huawei that is not a part of cooperative countries cannot be tolerated at all.

Most of you don’t know what are these FVEY countries. This is why you are unaware of the US government hidden propaganda.

By eliminating Huawei from the US market, US government will once again regain the massive chunk of users.

In short, Huawei is becoming an unbreakable wall for US mass surveillance agencies to achieve their targets. Which is to keep track of citizens online activities and control them accordingly.

If Huawei agrees with the US government on sharing users online data, the scenario would be the opposite.

Sticking to Huawei Devices is the Best time to De-google your life

Apart from US government mass surveillance objectives, you all agree with me that when it comes to online privacy, Google products and services are the worst options to use.

Especially after what we saw in the past that how aggressive Google is to collect users’ data.

At this moment, I think this is the best opportunity to say goodbye to Google and regain your ultimate privacy.

By sticking with Huawei devices and with some patience, I believe, this the best opportunity to live surveillance free life. My Google Alternatives guide will help you a lot in de-Google-ify your life.

Conclusion: Hard Time for Chinese Giant in Short Term

According to BBC technology desk editor “Leo Kelion”:

In the short term, this could be very damaging for Chinese Giant in the West.

Smartphone shoppers would not want an Android phone that lacked access to Google’s Play Store. Its virtual assistant or security updates, assuming these are among the services that would be pulled.

In the longer term, though, this might give smartphone vendors consider the need for alternative to Google OS. Particularly at a time, the search giant is trying to push its Pixel brand at their expense.

As far as Huawei is concerned, it appears to have prepared for the eventuality of being cut off from US.

Its proprietary processors already power its smartphones, and earlier this year its consumer devices chief told German newspaper, Die Welt, that, “we have prepared our own operating systems – that’s our plan B”.

Even so, this move could knock its ambition to overtake Samsung. And become the bestselling smartphone brand in 2020 seriously off course.


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