Ultimate Password Guide: Best Ways and Tools to Create Strong Password

They should always be unknown to others, they should be not be something common, and they should be a random combination of words, numbers and symbols.

Unfortunately, we don’t give them high priority or importance these days. They are the one that secures our personal data preventing harmful entities from invading our space.

Yes, we are talking about passwords!

Without passwords, the online world would seek to exist. Only destruction and chaos would follow. Therefore, it is critical to create passwords that are stronger and secure.

In this article, we will provide you some best practices, tips for create strong password, tools that can aid in password storage and generation, how to remember tricky passwords and much more.

How to Create Strong Password

create strong password

In today’s modern world, password keeps our personal data secure, including personal data, contacts, addresses, bank accounts, and details of your crypto investments.

Therefore, it is important to make your password stronger and unbreakable to hackers, who are always looking to take advantage of your personal data.

Surprisingly, in this high tech world, where hackers have multiple ways to steal your online data, people are still using passwords like “12345678” or “Password”.

In order to make your password stronger, here are some tips that would help you to create strong password.

Lengthy Passwords Are Stronger Passwords

This is true that longer passwords are always considered as strong passwords. The password that contains at least 12 to 15 characters will be always a nightmare for hackers, as they are harder to guess.

To create lengthy passwords, never use common phrases. Try to put some long sentences that make no sense, either grammatically or logically.

Moreover, you can also check your password strength with different free software available online, such as The Password Meter.

Use Special Characters, Capital Letters & Values

Despite only setting up a lengthy password to make it more secure and strong, you can also use special characters, capital letters and values in your password, such as “manCH1@#TeRisME”.

Many online services even promote or make it mandatory to use special characters or numbers at least once in the password.

This will make your password completely unthinkable for hackers and eventually they will fail to snatch your online personal data.

Always Use Different Passwords to Login Different Accounts

Never use the same password for your all-online accounts. This is usually the case with many users as they use the same password for different accounts, putting their privacy and information in serious danger.

Why is that so?

In case you are using the same password for every account, if anyone of your accounts is hacked, it will create a chain reaction. Hackers can use the same password to access other accounts of yours.

Therefore, we recommend you to use different passwords for different accounts. Create different password for an email account, online banking, Facebook, and other social platforms.

This way, if one of your accounts is being hacked, other accounts will be safe from the reach of hackers.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips may help you to create strong password. However, now you are thinking that how could you remember these complex passwords. In order to remember lengthy and complex passwords, following are some effective tips you can follow.

Tips to Remember Your Password

Setting a strong password for your online account is the first step to making your data safe from hackers. However, to remember this lengthy and complex password is a real struggle for most of people.

So, how to remember your password?

Tip Sheet

Despite creating a sticky note or a file to save your password for different accounts that could be seen by anyone, try using tip sheet. It offers some clues as to what your password should be, but never contains your actual password.

Save Passwords in Encrypted Code

Another tip is to safe your passwords in encrypted code that is not readable to anyone. The encrypted code makes your password more secure as compared to saving it directly. You always have some hint to keep it safe in your mind.

Use Shortcuts

Try to use name of unusual things like your favorite football team, players, quotes from movies, universal facts, etc. to help you to create a password and then remember them easily.

One more thing you can do is to try to remember generic terms based on your interests and likes. For e.g. if your favorite car is “Lamborghini Murcielago”, you use words “car or lambo” as a hint.

Remember Passwords through Jargons

When it comes to passwords, anything goes. You can create and remember passwords based on inaccurate spellings.

Another tip to remember passwords is to use jargons and other lingo. This way, even if you forget a password, you can recover it through this means.

Change Initial and Last Character of Your Password

If you are using various online accounts, then we can understand that different passwords for different account might be difficult to remember.

For this, try to create your one strong password and just change the initial or last character to make it safer and easy to remember. For e.g., if you set your Facebook account password “ManttttteRRRR934#”, then set your Gmail account password as “RanttttteRRRR934@

Using this strategy is easy as compared to set a completely different password for different accounts; however, it does compromise the security of your password and somewhat goes against our point of using same / similar passwords.

Best Ways to Secure Your Password

It’s time to share some best practices in order to make your password secure on a regular basis. Following practices are something you should keep in your mind to make your password stronger.

Strengthen Your Password

Creating common passwords such as “12345”, “iloveyou”, “password”, etc. might create a dangerous threat for you.

People usually find ease in setting common passwords to protect their personal data. However, they don’t know that they are compromising their personal information to hackers.

Strengthen your password by adding some unthinkable values or symbols to make your online accounts and personal information more secure.

Don’t Save Your Password at Common Places

The second best practice you should do is never to save your password at common places. According to various researches, people find it easy to save their passwords on their smartphones and systems.

Remember that, hackers are not the only threat, which could access your personal data. That is why passwords should be kept confidentially.

Places like sticky notes, smartphones notepad, and MS Word files are not a safe place to keep your passwords unless they are in encrypted form.

Implement Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is another vital practice that keeps your passwords and online accounts safe from hackers. Nowadays, various online platforms offer 2FA feature while you are setting up your password account.

2FA adds one more security question after you log in with your password, such as your pet name, your mother’s age, verification code via message or email, your favorite team etc.

So in case if hackers are able to access your password, they still need one more verification to access your account.

Secure Your Devices with Password

As technology is advancing on a daily basis, hackers have more ways to look into your private data without letting you know. Securing your devices with passwords is the only way to keep hackers and others alike away from your personal data.

Therefore, it is a good to set a password on your device. Be it a PIN number, pattern, fingerprint, face recognition, or any other means, it is important to safeguard your mobile devices.

Use Password Management Software

If you are lazy to secure your password by yourself, then using a password management software is the best alternative.

Password management software’s create strong password, stores them, manages all your online accounts passwords, and remembers them on your behalf as well.

This is the best way to keep your online data completely safe without getting worried about remembering multiple passwords for different accounts.

There are various password management software available in the market. In the following section, we will discuss the Top 5 password management software that our tech experts recommend our users.

Top 5 Password Management Software

With the help of following password manager software, you can manage, store and secure multiple passwords.


Currently, Dashlane is one of the best password management software. It offers a friendly interface that generates a strong password for users, which secures your online accounts to the maximum. Following are some key features of Dashlane:

  • Based on US patented security structure
  • Use AES-256 grade to encrypt passwords
  • Creates lengthy and strong passwords which won’t be accessed by hackers
  • Offers security alert notifications in case of any anonymous sign in
  • Offers option to share your password with emergency contacts



The reason why 1Password is in the top 5 password management software list is due to the multiple services it offers. The only concern we have about that this software is that it does not support older devices. Following are some key features of this software:

  • Offers strong synchronization feature
  • Secure mobile capabilities
  • Offers fingerprint verification feature
  • Creates unthinkable passwords that can’t be accessed by hackers anytime soon
  • Digital Wallet Functionality


Roboform 8

Roboform 8 revives back after almost 6 years and surprises everyone with its efficient features and some amazing updates. Since this software is an old player, they know what their customers are actually looking for.

  • Offers feature to detect similar and weak passwords
  • Provides secure sharing and digital heritance feature
  • Ability to manage different application password at the same time
  • Sync across multiple devices



KeePass password management software is user-friendly, free and lightweight application. The Master Key feature is the main reason for listing this software in our top five.

  • Offers Master Key for your all passwords in order to store them in a secure vault
  • Completely free
  • Offers multiple security features to secure multiple devices at the same time



Renowned for providing amazing features for free, LastPass is one of the top 5-password management software without a doubt. Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Improved multi-factor authentication
  • Offers 1GB of secure online file storage
  • Amazing customer support
  • Free version offers handful features.



We hope that you would find this guide helpful in order to create, secure and remember your password in the best manner.

In this high tech world, where nobody can live without using online services, passwords play a vital role to secure your personal data.

It is necessary to create strong and lengthy password nowadays, otherwise, there is a high chance that hackers might breach your personal data.

Industry experts share their interesting tips on World Password Day to enhance password security and privacy.

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