Apple New Series 4 Watch Clasps USB-C with Newly Introduced Charging Cable

“Now you can charge your Apple watch via MacBook and might be upcoming iPad.”

After a great success of USB-C in different Android devices, Recently Apple has released new charging cable for Apple Watch that uses hi-speed connectivity standard.

The most exciting thing regarding the newly launched Apple watch charger is that now you can charge it by plugin into the latest MacBook, or any other device that offers USB-C type port.


The new charger will cost $29 / €35 / £29 with a cable that’s 0.3-m long. Moreover, there is no further announcement regarding 2-m or 1-m variant just like we get with previous Apple chargers.

However, by introducing this new USB-C charger will improve the charging speed. This new USB-C charger is expected to release with new iPad Pro on 30th October, which will become first Apple iPad that comes with USB-C charging port rather than a lightning port.

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