Google Forgot to Mention That Nest Hub Has a Microphone

Google Forgot to Mention That Nest Hub Has a Microphone

It seems like Google loves to forgot to mention its products “monitoring features”

Two days ago, Google releases a statement that it forgot to mention that Nest Secure device has a microphone.

This is a latest privacy robbery by number one data collecting giant in online industry. However the way Google overcome this situation is bloody smart move.

Google did not reveal it directly to its users that their Nest device has a microphone. Instead of it they revealed it by introducing new voice assistant feature on the system of their Nest Device.

And primary objective of this voice assistant new feature to make controls home alarm sensors more efficiently.

But Google hadn’t told consumers about the device’s built-in microphone when it began selling the hubs in 2017.

As recently as January, the product specs for the device made no mention of a microphone. However, Google cover it by saying that the excision was a pure mistake.

it is an unintentional mistake and not a secret and these types of mistakes are normal in tech spaces.

The microphone hasn’t been active since launch, and people have to specifically enable it going forward, Google said. Business Insider first reported the microphone had been missing from the product’s description.

Since data collecting habit is increasing exponentially by online organizations, there is a need of active scrutiny over their unethical practices.

Google Unethical Attempts to Collect Users Data

Before this incident Google loss its enterprise certificate when Apple revokes it due to violation of policy by bribing to install their Screenwise meter app and get up to $20.

Moreover, An AP investigation last year found the company was tracking users’ location information through its apps. And search services, even if users turned the feature off.

And in 2010, Google admitted it had accidentally collected some Internet activity from open WiFi networks using its Street View cars. – AP


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