Malwarebytes Review 2019: Is It the Entire Solution for your Device?

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Like humans, no software in a world is perfect, and this is why it requires updates. Also, due to continuous advancement in the tech industry leads to introduce new types of viruses.

Due to this, your antivirus could not detect it and leads to destroy or paralyze your security software.

Moreover, Incase if your system is already infected by a malware, it may stop your system from installing a traditional antivirus or anti-malware.

This is where you need a tool like Malwarebytes. Its super-fast inspection identifies attacks before it might infect your device.

Moreover, the best thing about this anti-malware that it offers both Malwarebytes Free and Premium version. The Malwarebytes 3.0 premium version can detect ransomware.

Malwarebytes premium has all the features to replace your traditional antivirus. However, the way Malwarebytes is designed; it must be used alongside with standard antivirus.

Malwarebytes free, on the other side, does not include any real-time protection. However, there are more things that you need to identify whether which version of Malwarebytes is best for you.

For this, In this Malwarebytes review, I will be reviewing different free and premium versions of it in this blog.

What is Malwarebytes?

Bruce Harrison and Marcin Kleczynski founded Malwarebytes back on January 21st, 2008. The idea of creating Malwarebytes came into existence when Kleczynski’s family computer got a virus in 2004.

Since then, the Malwarebytes team has grown to over 600 members in five locations all around the world.

The best thing about this security software, unlike other antiviruses, it offers 14 days trials, if you are opting for its premium version with all the features.

Another issue that arises regarding this it security and legality. If you are looking for an answer regarding this concern, read is Malwarebytes safe and legit to use.

However, after the end of the trial period, if you do not continue the premium plan, your plan automatically shifts to Malwarebytes free plan, where you can only clean the infected device feature.

However, I believe 14 days trial is more than enough to test all its features and decide whether you opt for this fantastic anti-malware or not.

Malwarebytes Free Pros & Cons

Pros ConsVerdict  

– Speedy scan

– Ability to remove several malware that traditional antiviruses failed to do

– Super handy to use

– Setup is easy to install

– Works with other antiviruses

– Strong anti-explode module


– Malwarebytes free version doesn’t offer real-time protection

– No parental control feature

– User needs to install a separate browser extension.

Malwarebytes free can remove some deadly malware that cannot be detected by traditional antivirus. However, its free version does not offer real-time protection.


Malwarebytes Premium Pros & Cons

Pros ConsVerdict

– Offers exploit protection

– Provides ransomware protection

– The ability of behavior-based detection

– It can work with traditional antiviruses.

– Performs great with Windows defender

– Challenging to test advanced protection systems

– Get an average score in a test designed for traditional antivirus

Malware premium offers some real security strengthen features. However, I still think that you must not use it as your only security app since it isn’t a complete antivirus replacement.

In short, you need to use reliable antivirus alongside Malwarebytes to get complete protection for your device

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta Pros & Cons

Pros ConsVerdict

– It can detects and removes ransomware explicitly based on behavior

– Shows great performance during testing

– Very lightweight

– It’s totally free

– Slow performance in detecting ransomware. This is why sometimes it is possible that ransomware encrypts few files before detectionThis Malwarebytes version can prevent ransomware from the programs that are running in your system, which cannot be detected by your antivirus. By using it with your premium antivirus, it gives an extra layer of protection to your system.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Android) Pros & Cons

Pros ConsVerdict

– Completely free

– Amazing Interface

– Offers privacy scanner

– Offers whitelisting tool

– Fast scans

– Shallow impact on device performance

– As compared to other anti-malware available on Android, missing primary tools

– It doesn’t provide web protection

– No anti-theft tools

– No feature for remote SMS controls

– Get low detection scores during testing

Malwarebytes anti-malware app for the app is not the best free tool to protect your Android device since it doesn’t offer some significant security features as compared to other free antivirus and antimalware available on Android.

Malwarebytes MacOS Premium Pros & Cons


– Offers flash speed malware scan

– Gets great reviews from the tech and privacy experts

– Economical pricing

– Does not provide any security layer or protection against fake and malicious sitesOverall, the premium edition of Malwarebytes for Mac devices can analyze and scan regular and current time detection to keep your device free from malicious malware and viruses.

Although this version of Malwarebytes has a solid reputation but still it does not have that much amount of users currently

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free Pros & Cons


– Shields Java and browsers against exploits

– Small and lightweight

– Premium edition available, adds protection for Office documents, PDF readers, and media players

– Proved effective in testing

– Free

– Difficult to demonstrate its effectivenessMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free shields your browsers against exploit attacks, even never-before-seen zero-day attacks. Give this amazing, free security tool a try.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro 1.70 Pros & Cons

Pros       ConsVerdict

– The installation is quick with zero hassle

– Identifies and corrects malicious changes in Windows OS settings

– Offers real-time protection

– It can block anonymous URL.

– You can schedule your scans and updates

–  Real-time protection feature gets below average ratings

– Sometimes it does not block all malicious URLs

– URL blocking log shows IP addresses only.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro 1.70 has the same slick, high-powered malware cleanup ability as the free edition. However, the Pro-only real-time protection component just doesn’t come close.


Malwarebytes Premium version is available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS for one and two year plan.

However, if you are looking to opt-in for iOS version, you need to purchase from its App Store directly. Subscription prices vary based on a number of devices from one to ten.

If you take my suggestion, if you are really planning to purchase Malwarebytes premium version, you should opt for the top end version since this is where price becomes a real bargain.

One of the most enticing thing about Malwarebytes that it offers sixty days money back guarantee. This is the most lengthy money back guarantee in the industry.

Additionally, it does offer 14 days trials for new users. Moreover, the most fantastic thing, if the user doesn’t make up his mind to use the premium version, he/she can use its free version.

However, keep remembering this in mind that only premium version offers real-time protection. Malwarebytes free version, on the other side, does not provide any real-time protection feature.

Differences Between Malwarebytes Free and Premium Version

FeaturesMalwarebytes FreeMalwarebytes Premium
Real-Time Protection NoYes
Ransomware Protection NoYes
Notification against threatNoYes
Suggestion for taking action Not