Most Secure Browsers that Safeguard Your Online Privacy 2019

“Here you can find out most secure browsers of 2019 with detailed analysis and reasons to why you should use them to protect your online privacy.”

The terror of mislaying your online privacy is mephitic. And it’s spreading like poisonous gas on all the activities we do online. From social commenting to browsing your favorite websites, browsers track everything.

Moreover, most of us think that Tor is the only browser exist that can protect our online privacy. However, after what we went through this year regarding data breaching cases, now it is necessary for us to find a secure one.

This is why I start digging into multiple secure browsers to provide you ultimate online security while browsing online. Therefore, without wasting more time, here is the extensive list of most secure browsers for 2018.

Top Most Secure Browsers 2019

Browsers are the only way to search things online. There is a zero possibility that you can use the internet without using a browser. The reason why I am such concern to use best secure browsers is due to the collection of your data and shares it with malicious online entities.

Additionally, with the help of your data, they can control everything by smashing the ads of those products that you like. Alternatively, use it to assist a political party to win the election, which is least favorite.

Even the most reliable VPN services cannot save you in case of browser fingerprinting or WebRTC leaks. However by using the following most secure browsers, you can protect your online privacy from the threats mentioned above:

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is one of the greatest users’ privacy-focused browsers by Mozilla so far. This phenomenal browser is primarily created for the users who are looking for sturdy data protection.

Initially, this secure browser was only available for iPhone/iPad (iOS) users. However, the recent update comes with the new app for Android lovers.

This is one of the best secure browsers with the objective of providing data seclusion and breathtaking UI interface that will sparkle your eyes.

Firefox-most secure online browser

One of the key features of Firefox Focus browser is that it blocks ads tracking process on a continuous basis. It means that it does not record any user browsing activity and maintain fast net speed.

Moreover, the new Android app has a unique feature that makes Firefox Focus one of the top ad blocker browser globally.

This browser is very handy when it comes to secure your browsing activity. By activating secure browsing feature, it removes all the browsing activities. Even if you forgot to enable the secure browser feature, you could use “Erase” feature to erase your all browsing actives.


Without a doubt, Waterfox browser has all the potential to rank in the list most secure browsers. This open-source browser is also a product of Mozilla. This phenomenal browser is mainly for those users who want all the features like Firefox and Firefox Focus but do not want to lose their freedom.

However, while testing this Waterfox browser, our technical team found out that Mozilla uses telemetry process to collect user data. It means your online activities will be stored until you erase the data.

waterfox-secure-browser-Most secure browsers 2018

The creators of this secure browser also claim that it provides remarkable speed as compared to other lightweight browsers in the market. However, according to our testing, the speed is average.

When it comes to securing users privacy, it offers complete removal of your browsing history. The data it erases includes cookies, cache, browsing history, and passwords. Moreover, it also blocks trackers without using any extension or add-ons.

The only drawback I have noticed while testing this browser is slow security updates. It means in the case of any vulnerable bug; users have to stop using it until the new update deploy by Mozilla.


Thanks to Jonathan Samson, a genius mind behind the development of Brave browser. Personally, this as privacy evangelist, I need this kind of secure browser. It is based on Chromium mechanism that is speedy, reliable and online privacy-focused. It also contains default ad blocker, which is a great sign of providing online privacy.

The developers behind this one of the best secure browser formally worked for Mozilla. Therefore if you are looking for ultimate privacy box, Brave should be on your list.

brave-secure-browser-Most secure browsers 2018

Although, the biggest drawback of this secure browser is that it is based on Chromium structure. It means it is built on open source code that is also used by Google Chrome. However, the security feature it provides covers all its pitfalls.

If you are looking for my opinion, I would say Brave browser has all the abilities to protect your online privacy. The most appealing features this secure browser offers include Blocks ads, prevent advertisers from monitoring users’ activities, security against browser fingerprinting, built-in script blocker and automatically update to HTTPS.

Due to all those mentioned above, this browser is one of my top suggestion for users.


It seems like Mozilla has multiple options when it comes to providing browsers to its users. Palemoon is also the product of Mozilla but the design on an older version of Firefox (38 ESR). This is why when you use it, you feel like using the vintage browser.

The reason why I listed this classic browser still in my most secure browser list is that it supports some old add-ons. Similar to other secure Mozilla browsers, Palemoon is free from all the vulnerabilities that steal user’s privacy.

pale-moon-browser-Most secure browsers 2018

Palemoon is based on Goanna rather than Gecko. This is one of the securest companions for Linux and Windows users when it comes to providing online privacy. Moreover, you can also customize the interface of Palemoon, but it still feels a bit outdated.

In short, the features offered by Palemoon such as a lightweight browser, open source, support older Firefox add-ons, and blocks advertisers to collect users data makes it one of the best secure browsers in 2018.

Tor Browser

If you are looking for ultimate online privacy and don’t want to use any of Mozilla browsers, then Tor should be your choice. It is a way powerful browser in providing online privacy since it runs on its own Tor network.

The main reason for the creation of this secure browser is to provide online anonymity by default. It has some worth mentioning security features, although some demerits. This is why I put this browser in last even it has some great security features.

tor browser-Most secure browsers 2018

Since this secure browser uses its own Tor internet, it is not a good alternative for every user. Due to its dedicated network, it requires high internet speed to work efficiently. It means if you are having trouble with your internet often, Tor is not a great choice for you.

Furthermore, when you are using the Tor browser, you will face broken links issue since it uses No script technology. Moreover, due to the use of the Tor Network, it leads to pitfalls like malicious exit nodes and slow downloading speed.

You can also use Tor browser without Tor network with the help of VPN service. You can avail this feature by following official guide. However, make sure to use reliable VPN services with it. Otherwise, you may end up with giving up your data to dark online entities.

Other Best Secure Browsers Worth Mentioning

The above mentioned secure browsers are highly recommended for users who are concern about their online privacy. However, there are more recommendations for best secure browsers I want to provide here especially for the users who have difficulty to use the aforementioned secure browsers.

Avira Scout Browser

Based on the Chromium platform, this underrated security browser is a force to reckon with due to its ultimate browsing features. One more reason to mention this browser here is that reliable security software company Avira creates it.

avira-scout-Most secure browsers 2018

This browser should be a must choice for those users who are looking for a tool that blocks phishing website. One of the key security feature Scout browsers provides “Avira Safe Search” feature which implements “HTTPS” to make the browsing secure.

Additionally, you can also make the online security stronger by adjusting some settings and use a reliable VPN service with it. Moreover, there are multiple add-ons available for this browser that offer some incredible security features such as “Avira AV Scanning Feature.”

Epic Privacy Browser

An open source browser created by Google and has all the properties to maximize your online privacy. The worth mentioning features of Epic Privacy Browser includes removing trackers and cookies after each session, searches are undercover through dedicated servers. It means there is no door to connect with IP address for browsing.

Moreover, it also implements SSL certification where it is possible. This secure browser is highly recommended to use in public places since it prevents advertisers to collect users data and amazing in blocking ads.

Epic Privacy browser-Most secure browsers 2018

Epic Privacy browser also offers fully encrypted browsing feature. You can use this feature by clicking on the proxy button to get ultimate online security. However, it greatly affects the browsing speed, which is not appreciated by most of the users including me.

The reason why this secure browser does not get the position in best security browsers is due to slow updates. Although, Epic browser claims that it does not allow Google to track users’ activities this is also the reality that it is based on Chromium platform. Which means Epic Privacy Browser is a kind of Google product.

SRWare Iron Browser

SRWare Iron is another alternative to top most secure browser that replicates Chrome interface but offers great privacy features. It is also known as a genuine alternative for Google Chrome. The highlight of this privacy browser includes epic security tools, add-ons, and developers’ tools.

It claims to be one of the most secure browsers that prevent the usage tracking. It has a built-in ad blocker to block distasteful ads. However, if you are not happy with the performance of its built-in ad blocker, there are multiple reliable options available in the market.

There is no doubt when it comes to small browsers for privacy, SRWare Iron should be your choice. I would recommend this privacy browser due to its breathtaking UI and fast speed.

Comodo Dragon Browser

The next chromium built privacy browser is Comodo Dragon that facilitates its users with strong security. Like other mentioned browsers, Comodo Dragon protects all your browsing activities. Along with super speedy performance, this browser has all the basic feature to protect you online.

Furthermore, if you are struggling with its interface, you can use customize add-ons to make it user-friendly. This security browser uses some advanced level technology that identifies websites without SSL certificates. In this way, your data is completely secure while using this privacy browser.

Yandex Browser

Quite similar to Google Chrome browser with lightweight UI design, this Yandex browser has great capabilities to provide astonishing online privacy.

Along sharing almost similar design as Google Chrome, this secure browser also offers some great add-ons features and offer options to import your chrome preferences. One of the best tech organization of Russia creates this secure browser.

yandex browser-Most secure browsers 2018

It uses “Blink” engine that uses Kaspersky security software to scan downloads you make and notify in case any malicious virus or malware. Most of the browsers failed to provide reliable security scan feature. Which means Yandex has a great advantage over other secure browsers.

Yandex also uses “Opera’s Turbo” extension to optimize domains that are not running smoothly. Also offer supports to the domain, which operates through unstable networks.

When it comes to secure your online identity, Yandex blocks all the third parties to collect users’ data. Furthermore, it also blocks all the malicious domains where it detects any data monitoring.

The major drawback I found during testing that this browser is closed-source and Chromium background. Which means after all the claims this security browser I am not sure whether users data collected by the Google or not. Another drawback of Yandex is that it only works on an old version of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Disconnect Browser

Have you ever looking for a browser that tracks all the domains that collect your data? If Yes, then Disconnect browser should be your choice.

This small browser invented with the objective of hunting down all the websites that collect users data without any consent. And disconnect them on an immediate basis to provide ultimate online privacy to its users.

disconnect browser-Most secure browsers 2018

While you are using this Disconnect browser, multiple notifications appear on your screen, which notifies about the website that endeavors to collect your data. Furthermore, this small privacy browser automatically disconnects you from all the websites that can hurt your online security.

I2P Browser

Users can use I2P as their private browser to retain their online privacy. Also known as an anonymous browser that offers a reliable and secure route for messages. It seems like the creators of I2P are a big fan of DarkNet technology to provide ultimate online security. While using this anonymous browser, you get the additional layer of security to protect your data.


Freenet offers a unique peer to peer secure browsing experience by allowing users to search anonymously without compromising their data to third parties. It stores users browsing data in encrypted form in a decentralized network. It means if you are data is hack by an anonymous entity, it will be wasteful for them since it is in encrypted form.

freenet-browser-Most secure browsers 2018

One of the greatest advantages of using Freenet browser is that it does not operate through central CM server. Which means it is excessively difficult to get hacked by cyber thieves while browsing via Freenet.

CM Browser

This privacy browser is invented by the organization who is behind the significant security apps like Clean Master and CM. This is why CM is one of the alternatives of the top secure browser in 2018.

The most interesting features of CM browser include the ability to change the default search engine, customize UI, personalize bookmarks and control ads while watching videos.

Furthermore, it can track all the malware in APK certifications that users try to download via a browser. In this way, your device and data get protected when downloading any third party app.

In short, CM browser is the most lightweight, speedy and highly secure for your Android devices.


Apart from criticism, I am the one who is a true believer of Apple OS and hardware. Without a doubt, there are multiple restrictions in OS, but on the other hand, it offers ultimate privacy to its users as compare to fragile Android security systems.

This is why I listed down Safari in secondary most secure browsers list. This default browser has magnificent capabilities to keep your online privacy protected from third parties. It also can prevent third-party cookies by default and enable cross-site tracking protection.

Quick Hack to Browse Securely

Even after using most secure browsers, there is always one issue prevails from users sight that they save their login passwords on their browser. Moreover, this is detrimental because in this case, the chance of losing your data is still high while using a secure browser.

The reason why this is a big concern is that by saving your id and password with a browser, provide door to domains to track your browsing activity.

We know, putting your passwords and id constantly is a severe headache for you including me. However, there is one potential hack for it, which uses multiple browsers for online surfing. E.g. use one browser for all the online activities that require a password. And another browser for surfing purposes with privacy features like zero histories of cookies and history being stored.

Moreover, users who know how to customize settings on aforementioned secure browsers can configure according to their needs. The recipe for this quick hack is to follow and use strict privacy features that blocks sites to collect your data.

About remembering different passwords for multiple online accounts, the best solution for it is reliable password managers.

Best Secure Browsers Add-Ons/Extensions

HTTPS Everywhere

This amazing add-on will assist domains always to use a secure HTTPS connection, wherever it is possible.

Cookie Auto Delete

In case if you forget to enable the delete cookies and history feature while using one of the aforementioned secure browsers, this is where Cookie Auto Delete saves your back. This add-on strictly follows the routine of deleting your cookies and browsing history.


This add-on offers some unique feature that amazes you without any doubt. This gives you control over all the requests that may be tracking you as you visit different websites.

Privacy Badger

This worth mentioning add-on also provides services like preventing ads that track and collects your online activity.

unlock Origin

This one of the best browser-based ad blockers available will also protect you against tracking.

Random User Agent

This add-on should be a preference of those developers who concern about their online privacy. It is available specifically for Mozilla and Chromium-based browsers. It allows users to spoof different browsers and operating systems.


NoScript allows you to customize exactly which scripts run on the websites you visit. Like uMatrix, this is for advanced users and requires lots of customization, since it will break most websites by default.

Internet Browsers That You Should Avoid

Do not believe regarding protecting your privacy policy because it is claimed by big names of the industry. The time has changed when you can trust big names of the online industry. Not to mention, but the reality is different. The big guns of online industry are real culprits who steal your data without any consent. Therefore here the list of browsers that you should avoid maintaining your online privacy:

Google Chrome

Without a doubt, this is a surprise for most of the users by seeing the name of Google Chrome in this list. There is denying that Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers right now due to its amazing features and a huge list of extensions.

Google Chrome-Most secure browsers 2018

However, when it comes to providing online privacy to users, it is terrifying. Moreover, the core objective of Google is to collect users data that put its massive resources to know everything that exists in this Universe. This is the reason why dominates the online world.

It very naïve to understand, Google collects your data via Chrome browser and shows what you are looking or browsing for. Not only that even when you are using its incognito browser feature, Google still collects your data and sells to different third parties.

For all of those reasons, you should consider the above mentioned most secure browsers to keep your online privacy secure.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge

Another one of the biggest data collectors in browsing industry is no other than Microsoft Edge. Due to very few options for operating systems, so many of us cannot avoid Windows since its very handy to use. However, when it comes to browsers, you should avoid the Windows default browser.

The reason why I want all my audience to avoid Microsoft Edge is that it’s a closed source, so there is no idea how Microsoft using your data or selling to third parties.

Opera Browser

Do not go with its huge branding and following because its browser is a piece of crap when it’s come to providing online privacy. If you ever look into their bogus privacy policy, then you get an idea why I listed down this browser in the list of browsers that you should avoid.

opera-browser Most secure browsers 2018

According to Opera browser privacy policy, it clearly says that they collect and shares users data with third parties. Moreover, recently Opera was sold to a Chinese company, and there is no clue if they have any privacy policy or user data protection law.

Most Secure Browsers – FAQ’s

Most Secure Android Browsers

Here is the list most secure browsers 2018:

  • Firefox Focus
  • InBrowser
  • Privacy Browser
  • Brave
  • CM Browser

What is Private Browsing Internet

Private browsing internet means that not a single website will be able to collect and share your data with third parties by using an aforementioned most secure browser. These best secure browsers offer some remarkable privacy features that help you to secure your online privacy.

Best Web Browser for Windows 10

  • Brave
  • Firefox Focus
  • Epic Browser
  • Ecosia
  • Dooble

Best Web Browser for Mac

Here is the list of most secure browsers for Mac:

  • Waterfox
  • Yandex Browser
  • Brave
  • Epic
  • Iridium Browser

What is Mi Browser?

This is system app available in all devices that run on MIUI. It provides great features through its User Interface. MIUI is most popular in User Interface experience. Mi Browser provides fast Browsing, Downloading, etc. It has a feature to show recent news too.

News covers all Aspects and classified under categories. It also enables user to easy sign in to Mi Account through just one tap sign-in. Also it has data saver features which saves a lot of data for data saving users. It has many more features.

Final Verdict

I hope you would find this detailed article helpful to find out which privacy browser is the perfect one according to your needs. There is no doubt that most renowned organizations browsers are the biggest data thieves.

And this is not a big surprise for me because organizations like Google and Microsoft are the ones, who needs users data to rank themselves on top. Otherwise, it will be very tough for them to retain top position in the market.

I believe one thing is clear here that the most popular organizations in the online world are most pernicious for users since they do not bother to think about user’s online privacy.

But thankfully, where the online world is full of data eating monsters, there are some reliable secure browsers which are force to be reckon with.

Personally, for me brave is the best secure browser so far from the above mentioned list of most secure browsers 2018. But it does not mean that other mentioned above privacy browsers are not good. As I mentioned in article repeatedly, it depends on your needs entirely.

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