Sticky Password Premium Review: Best Password Manager 2019

Sticky Password Review: Things are changing here due to hierophant development in the tech world that leads to increasing the demand of password managers since everything is online now.

And if you think, you can survive without a password manager these days, then let me tell you that millions of people become a victim of hackers by setting up simple passwords.

The risk of remembering complex password is extremely high. Not only that changing these complex passwords time after time are a complete headache.

In short, every single person needs the assistance of these password managers nowadays to secure their online accounts. Otherwise, Ultron of the online world will destroy your online privacy and leave you with regret of not using password managers.

This is why today I decided to provide you with an extensive review of Sticky Password Premium. This review will provide all the insight details of Sticky Password that will help you to make your mind whether it is the best password manager or not according to your needs.

So let’s dig into the extensive review of Sticky Password:

Sticky Password Premium Review: Short Verdict

Sticky Password is one of the cheapest password managers that has some extraordinary features. Beside of that, this amazing password manager has all the features, which must be a part of a good password manager.

However, the one thing that annoys me while using Sticky Password manager is lack of a multi-user plan, which is one of the biggest pitfalls. But, if you talk about its single user plan, you will easily list this Sticky Password Manager on top.

sticky password manager

In short, Sticky Password is a password manager that offers some great security features and its distinctive aspect to multi-device sync and protection.

This password manager is also very friendly user as compared to other password managers available in the market.

The major issue I found while testing Sticky Password is it vintage interface but I still rank it in top password managers in 2018 due to its remarkable performance

Pros & Cons:


  • Syncs across multiple devices
  • Offers protected no Wi-Fi sync
  • Monitors strange or bizarre logins
  • Offers two-factor authentication
  • Greatly manages apps passwords
  • Offers backup and recovery feature
  • Economical pricing

  • No UI for the browser
  • Very limited options for Two Factor Authentication
  • Security Dashboard only offers weak passwords.
  • No online access to passwords


Package/Plan Free Premium
Pricing$0.00 for Lifetime– $29.99 Annually (Get 50% off  limited time offer at $14.99)

– $149.99 lifetime (Get 50%  off limited time offer at $74.98)

Features Included Autofill, Form filling, and Single user Single user, backup, recovery, Multi-device sync

Like other password managers packages, Sticky Password makes offers a very simple plan. There are two plans offer by Sticky Password.

One is free that you can avail it by downloading the app and if you think this is the best password manager so far according to your budget and needs, you can upgrade it to the Premium version.

However, it doesn’t offer multiple user package at all, which is shocking. Therefore, I would not recommend Sticky Password to users who are looking for businesses purposes.

It means now it comes to the users who are looking for personal use. So how to decide whether you should buy its premium deal or not?

When you talk about Sticky Password, I think this is the best password manager to start since it offers a free app to evaluate it.

What You Get in Free & Premium Version

But the features that you will miss in Free version are backup, recovery and multi-device sync. The free version includes the entire access to the application with auto-fill passwords and forms.

Also, you will get the same level of protection and 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) features as the Premium package but without cloud backup and priority support

And these two are the most outstanding options available in Sticky Password Premium package. Moreover, you will also get some exclusive features such as local Wi-Fi sync and cloud sync across multiple devices.

So if you are going for Sticky Password Premium version, you can avail it at $29.99 per year. I would recommend you to use the free version, however. And if you are planning to but Premium version, you will get it at 50% off on Annual deal too. Instead of paying $29.99, you can get annual deal at $14.99 per year.

But here is the breaking point where I suggest you go for Sticky Password Premium version since it offers limited time 50% off on its lifetime deal. it means you can avail lifetime deal at $74.98 instead of paying $149.99.

Going for Sticky Password lifetime package means you can use this manager for your whole life with all the updates come along.

Regarding packages offer by Sticky Password, there is nothing to doubt about because the features it offers define its pricing. There is nothing wrong if I say Sticky Password is one of the best value for money password managers yet.

The only upgrade that I want to see in Sticky Password is packaged for business. And this is something that puts Sticky Password behind other alternative password managers.

By upgrading its packages for business and family plans, Sticky Password may become “Super Saiyan Blue” of Password Manager World.


Offers Strong Application Passwords

This amazing password manager offers the feature of “enter credentials” on your behalf for any applications that require a password.

To use this option, you can do it two ways. Either drag a crosshairs symbol onto the password filling space or browse to the file name. And type your credentials and you are done.

sticky password security

This password security feature even also work fine with the apps you coded by yourself-isn’t crazy? A strong application password features are an offer by very few reliable password managers.

That is why for me Sticky Password should be listed in top password managers. It is a very common practice by us that we allow Gmail id and messaging app to save passwords so that we can use them continuously.

This kind of practice is very convenient but put your privacy in a very risky situation. With the help of Sticky Password, you can switch off saving password option from a browser that never puts your online privacy at risk due to its remarkable application password feature.

Ability to Generate Powerful Passwords

Like every strong password manager, Sticky Password offers to create a powerful password while you are setting up a new account.

It offers a length of 4 to 99 characters, choose the set of character you want (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuations, special characters, and digits) and click to “Generate” option.

Like other strong password managers, Sticky Password eliminates similar characters such as number 0 and capital O. This elimination of similar looking characters leads to limit the availability of random passwords.

sticky password version

Since you don’t need to memorize the passwords, I would recommend you to turn off this random password feature.

Furthermore, Sticky Password generator also shows the strength of the password as normal, weak and strong. At default, the standard password generates of 20 characters, which is recognized as a strong password according to the app.

Alternatively, if you are not using the standard password generator, you can also check the strength of your password, click or tap on “Quick Access” menu first.

The list options will appear. From the list of options click on “Security Tab” > the list of passwords will appear from where you can choose your password.

However, after testing multiple password managers, I would prefer a full extensive report regarding password strength such as other password managers’ offer.

Additionally, the major improvement has been there regarding password ratings since the last update. Like before the last update, if you set a six character password (alphabetic characters) such as “msiRdF,” the manager shows the password strength above the warning level. But after the update, Sticky Password shows the same kind of password “weak.”

Offers Online Sticky Account

When it comes to access your multiple accounts from any device, there are few password managers in the market who offer market such as LastPass, RoboForm, Dashlane who offers online access as required.

But this kind of option prevails huge risk in the case when someone has your login id, so he/she can easily access into your online accounts since he/she doesn’t require any registration to access your account.


This is why Sticky Password is one of the best password managers yet because this is not the case with it. This password manager only gives access through registered devices and license keys.

And in case of an accident happen in which you lost your registered device, you can remove that device and change it from the new one, to prevent any anonymous access from unknown entity or hackers.

When you log in for the first time, the Sticky password will register any new device by default. However, you can change it, and this will require one-time passcode, which is sent to your registered email address.

When you are done with setting up devices, you can modify the setting by selecting the option of “stop accepting any new devices.”

Additionally, Sticky Password also offers the option to remove all your details or delete the entire account. I am sure this option is not used on a regular basis but I love this option after I have done with the extensive review.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

When you are using Sticky Password, you need to log in with your master password. You can also authorize specific external devices such as hard drive or USB. But keep in your mind this isn’t a 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) since external devices will replace the master password.

You can also use fingerprint authentication on your Android and iOS devices that offer fingerprint feature.

It means before the last update; Sticky Password does not offer “Two Factor Authentication.” However when I am testing this password manager, the new update now offer 2FA feature.

To setup Two Factor Authentication, you need to scan a QR code with the help of Google Authenticator, or any other reliable authenticator. In this way now you have to use master password plus the code generated by the authenticator.

A few password managers take the two-factor concept to another level, with Google Authenticator compatible time-based passwords built right in.

Naturally, this is for authenticating other logins, not for logging into the password manager itself. Among the products boasting this feature are Dashlane, 1Password, and Myki Password Manager & Authenticator.

Portable Passwords

Portable Password feature offer by Sticky Password is something exceptional that I could hardly see in other top password managers.

This portable password feature gives you access of your sticky account by creating a USB based edition of the program in case you can’t access your passwords online.

You can use this unique feature only when you own the USB and know the master password. It means you can use the USB version same as the regular version of Sticky Password.

Web Form Filling

You can set up multiple numbers of identities in Sticky Password. Identities mean your personal information for filling multiple forms. This personal information include personal email, personal id information, contact information, address, business and financial details (credit card information).

form filling

Similar to other expensive password managers, Sticky Password also stores data that you already entered in multiple web form. So when you are filling an online form, it automatically recognizes different tabs and asks your permission to fill it.

Secure Memos and Book Marks

Along with whopping password and security features, Sticky Password also offers to import bookmarks from your browsers during installation. In this way, these stored bookmarks become available on all your registered devices, which is super handy.

Moreover, Sticky Password also offers secure memo features that sync with your passwords and personal information. The secure memo is a unique kind of formatted document, where you can store driving license, passport, credit cards, tickets, etc.

You can also modify the secure memo section according to your needs and requirements. However, secure memos don’t work with for filling forms.

Offers Smartphone App

I tested Sticky Password on both the latest Android and iOS devices extensively. Like the desktop version, I need to enter Sticky Password’s “Master Password” to access both devices on an initial basis.

Moreover, I choose fingerprint option for security along with Master Password and works completely fine on both devices. On Samsung Galaxy smartphone, I discovered that Sticky Password provides access to my passwords with the apps that I use on the phone, which is surprisingly good.

Also when I launched saved logins in the built-in browser, Sticky Password filled in the credentials. In Chrome, I tapped floating icons to copy the username and password to the clipboard. The same floating icons helped fill app passwords.

For iPhone users, you can avail saved logins with the basic apps and default browser “Safari” with the help of Sticky Password’s share box extension.

Sticky Password Premium Review: Security

When it comes to security, Sticky Password offers military-grade standard 256-AES encryption to protect your data. This military grade standard is used by most of the top-notch VPN services, which means it is almost impossible to break.

First, your data is encrypted and then it is sent to the cloud server of Sticky Password over TLS/SSL channel.

Moreover, if you don’t want to store your data and password on the cloud, you can also store them locally. However, I will not recommend you to store your data locally. Because it is much easier for hackers to steal your data from your device as compared to data stored in Sticky Password cloud server.

The security provided by Sticky Password is way powerful and reliable that the password manager has no information regarding master password you set to unlock your database.

I know you might be thinking how it can be possible but when you set the master password, the app does not send it to a cloud server. It means you are the only person who knows master password.

The second best security feature offer by Sticky Password is Two Factor Authentication. The only issue here is that Sticky Password 2FA feature only works efficiently with Google Authenticator app to setup it.

In short, Sticky Password has all the features that are possessed by any top password manager. However, Sticky Password still has huge room for improvement to become the best manager in the market.

What Sticky Password Lacks?

I found out some features that should be offer by Sticky Password, but they are still not there:

  • There is no doubt that Sticky Password efficiently identifies strong and weak password with strict measures. However, it doesn’t offer full analysis on the strength of passwords. Dashlane and LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Ultimate are among the few that offer such a report. Also, all three automate password updates for selected sites.
  • The other biggest pitfall I analyzed while testing Sticky Password is that it doesn’t offer securely share password feature with others.

Sticky Password Premium Review: Final Verdict (8.5/10)

After testing extensively, I came concluded; Sticky Password Premium is an efficient password manager. It offers some amazing features such as Two-factor Authentication (2FA), sync via Wi-Fi, without using a cloud and extra layer of security that most of the password managers failed to offer.

Although a few things that I want to see in the next update are detailed report on password strength, secure password sharing features and assistance in creating more strong passwords.

Moreover, there are some other options that I want to change like Sticky Password’s interface. It is still not that user-friendly if you compare it with other top-notch password managers available in the market. And the last thing that I want to see in Sticky Password is plans for Business and Family.

Apart from this, for me, Sticky Password comes in the top 5 best password managers currently without any second thought.


I hope you would find this Sticky Password Review 2018 helpful in deciding whether you should go for premium version or not.

Conclusively, regarding pricing, Sticky Password is one of the best password managers available in the market. However, there is no doubt that they are other cheap alternatives available in the market such as Dashlane. However, believe me, Sticky Password is the most effective manager in this price range.

If you still have any query or confusion. Alternatively, add something valuable, feel free to contact us by shouting your comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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