#DeleteFacebook – Before Deleting Facebook Blame Yourself

There is no doubt what Cambridge Analytica did was something that is unacceptable to any social app user all around the world. Even Facebook took action after realizing what Cambridge Analytica was totally beyond the social networking policies.

At the time of US election, services of Cambridge Analytica was availed by Trump’s political campaign. The data research company provided personal information of over 50 million Facebook users.


The psychological tools were used by the company which helps to read the likes and dislikes of American individuals. This helped Trump’s party to influence them in right way to won the elections. The company was heavily funded by Republican Party wealthy members.

Lawmakers tried to figure out why Facebook did not inform its users that they shared their personal information with different research and advertising companies. Before making my point here, who has to blame in actual, let’s get some information about what ways the data was collected and used by Cambridge Analytica.

How Cambridge Analytica Extracted and Used Facebook Data?

Specifically related to Cambridge Analytica scandal, Christopher Wylie created the personality assessment app. It was initially used by 270,000 Facebook users and eventually gave access of to not only their personal data but also their mutual friends as well.


The app was designed in a way that helps to figure out what kind of mind-set and psychological factors influenced the individual. They used this data to create different advertisement on Facebook to direct them towards Trump’s party and obtain majority of votes in their favor.

So, after all these things in what way Facebook reacted

So what Facebook has to Say?

According to Facebook representatives, in recent times they come with the statement that what Cambridge Analytica did was not any kind of data breaching. Providing access to Facebook database for academic purposes is very normal.

Facebook representatives also added to their statement that when an individual is creating an account on Facebook, they agree to allow access under their terms and conditions.


Although, selling and transferring user is personal data to any advertising, advisory or service company is strictly against the Facebook policy. This was what Cambridge professor actually did, providing the data to political advisory organization.

However, Cambridge Analytica initially denied that they didn’t use any kind of Facebook user’s data. But last week, they came up with a new statement in which they accepted that they used Facebook database.

They also said that the data was deleted just after they realized about the issue, but it is possible that it is still exists in the form of copies.

So after all these statements by Dr. Kogan and Cambridge Analytica, how did Facebook respond?

Actions taken by Facebook

Facebook representatives provided the statement on Friday. According to them, in 2015, when they realized that Cambridge professor research had been transferred to favorable political consulting firm, breaching its terms and conditions, Facebook authority immediately removed Dr. Kogan app.

They also said, they figured it out that not all data was deleted and they are finding some strong evidences. If this is also true, it is another violation of agreement made by Cambridge Analytica.

For immediate action, Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, Dr. Kogan and Christopher Wylie from Facebook until any finding appropriate evidences.

Now Facebook is trying to find out who is the real culprit. Or this may be a propaganda by both companies? Who knows! But, do you really think that only blaming Facebook is right?

As we mentioned earlier, when you create an account on Facebook, you agree with their terms and conditions. Most of us don’t bother to read all policies and just highlight the ‘I agree’ box.

Yes you are thinking absolutely right! Each Facebook user is equally responsible for what happened a few days ago. Each one of us gave the right to Facebook for sharing our personal data whenever, with whoever.

So how your data leaks or how you unintentionally provide permission to Facebook to share your data?

As a result, #deletefacebook is the only solution in order to save your personal data to be compromised to different research and advertising companies.

Why Facebook User’s Should Blame Themselves?

In 2012, Harvard research scientists reported when you use Facebook or any social media app, it releases a chemical called “dopamine”. So when you get likes on your post or profile picture, it feels really good.

Due to this chemical reaction, users start to share about their lives, what they are feeling right now, like different pages according to your interest and mood.


It is a natural reaction that when you are bored, you open Facebook app and try different personality assessment games. Before getting the results, these apps access your personal profile.

These kind of activities build your personal profile on Facebook. When you provide access to these apps, they extracted all your data with your permission. So who is the provider of personal information to these assessment apps?

This is how not only Dr. Kogan app works but all other apps use the same pattern. So, #deletefacebook is the only solution in order to save your personal data to be compromised to different research and advertising companies? Is there any way to make yourself safe?

One solution, from Facebook’s point of view, could be that app requiring access to personal information of user should not be allowed. Likewise, there should be strict monitoring of the data collected and used by third party apps.

What’s the Way Out?

It is a bitter truth that Facebook has become an important part of our life. So, after deleting Facebook, we know that you are probably looking for the best alternatives to Facebook.

According to our research, top three alternatives to Facebook 2018 are:


This social platform is one of the safest option in terms of privacy and very similar to Facebook. You can share different post, videos and much more with your personal contacts or in a group as well.


Rather than just following post by your connections, this platform provides you the feature to follow different communities and groups based on your interest and you can create your own group as well.


If you are looking for more secure option for social network, then Steemit is a perfect option. Based on Blockchain technology, it compensates the users against their post with Steem crypto tokens which makes it more attractive for users.


So, how do you blame Facebook when you are sharing your personal data with your own permission? Even Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, Wylie and Dr. Kogan, but still your data is compromised for research purposes.

Is there a permanent solution to this problem? Should Facebook take a stance and stop giving away precious user information? Only time will tell how will this play out.

Share your thoughts in the feedback with us. Do you think Facebook is entirely at fault or have we led the company to this extent that our privacy doesn’t matter anymore?

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