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“From phenomenal math courses to amazing geography games, Sheppard Software Review 2019 is here.”

Secure websites for educating children is a myth now. It seems like educational websites are losing their reliability since there primary objective is to earn lots of money. For this, they do not care what kind of popups and ads they are running on their website. And the ability of these ads to infect children mind is terrible with adult and abusive content.

Additionally, streaming websites like YouTube and Daily Motion are not safe at all for children. The aggressive marketing strategy makes everything pernicious for children. And if you use an ad blocker to block ads on YouTube, online psychopaths will engage your child in some mind-torturing content.

So is there any online place, which is secure from these threats above? Is there any chance that to find a secure online place? Well after receiving many emails regarding this issue, I finally found one, which is a force to reckon with.

Sheppard software is an online platform where your children are secure from abusive content. This website is designed to provide a virtual play area where kids can gain knowledge by playing games. There are thousands of e-learning games and content available on it from which your child never gets bored ever.

Sheppard Review 2018

In short, Sheppard Software Website is a massive e-education library and e-learning platform. It offers nine huge sections, which are exciting, informative, joyful and completely free. It is the best domain so far that can help parents to keep away their children from watching time-wasting content. Moreover, the most amazing thing it is entirely secure from dark entities and malicious content.

Nine Sections Offer by Sheppards Software

Sheppard Software States Games

In this section, you will get all the opportunity to gain knowledge about world geography. This section includes courses regarding countries and cities of all the seven continents of the world.

Sheppard Software


Animals are one of the favorite things to learn for children. At Sheppard Software Website, kids can play exciting games and videos to learn about all kinds of animals.

Grammar & Tenses

Strong grammar helps your children to flourish their speaking and writing skills. This website offers some great exercises and games that will help your kids to improve tenses and punctuation skills.

Fitness & Health

At Sheppard Software Website, children can explore health and fitness exercises and other health information.


This is the best online platform to create an interest of your child in a field of science. Here the way games and exercises structured to educate children are amazing.


To become a pro in mathematics, only one thing is to require which is Practice, Practice, Practice! Moreover, at Sheppard Software, there are some incredible games and exercise to improve your kid’s skills.

Elementary School

It is very difficult to teach elementary skills to kids. However, if you are looking for an online platform that offers elementary school education, then Sheppard Software should be your choice. It offers some best methods to teach your child about shapes, colors, numbers, letters, alphabet and much more.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

Sheppard Software Website offers some mind-blowing exercises and games that build your child’s IQ.

USA Geography

This website also offers a specific section for the ones, who loves to know about USA geography. It offers games and exercises to learn about capitals, states, and geography of the entire US.

Sheppard Software Features

The developers of this astonishing website know how to interact with young guns. The reason why I stated that is due to the games and content aligned for each section is phenomenal.

Your child can learn so many things from here without any assistance since voice helps kids by navigating them when they move the cursor on different icons. Other features include classified sections based on age and Ads-Free version.

Sheppard Software math

Classified Sections for Different Age Groups

Multiple websites offer educational games and courses. However, very few of them offered classified categories for the age group. And that makes Sheppard Software website unique and amazing at the same time. Here you get the e-learning games and exercises from elementary school to college.

However, all the content available is based on animated design, but they all are breathtaking. Moreover, increase the learning instinct exponentially. In short, no matter how old you are, you can always find something interesting on Shepard Software website

Ad-Free Premium Version

However, if you are not ready to spend money, you can avail their free version. However, Shepard Software also offers Ads free premium version. The premium version is starting from $36 annually with unlimited accounts. They also offer massive discounts for educational institutions and instructors, which is unbelievable.

What is not Here?

Without a doubt, Sheppard Software Website has all the features that should be an offer by a great e-learning site for kids. The sections and courses offered by this website are truly astounding and secure.

However, I believe that they are some sections, which should be a part of the website like, e.g., sections related to understanding technology and exercises to learn the basics of coding languages.

Most of all educate today’s generation regarding online privacy. Moreover, this can be done by educating them about different security software like antiviruses, password managers, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and much more.

Most Fascinating Games on Sheppards Software

Sheppard Software Math games

Sheppard offers some phenomenal math games to improve your child’s skills. The way math games are designed with the help of fetching animation creates more interest to learn.

Sheppard Software Europe map Quiz

You can develop a mind map of Europe by playing mind-blowing games related to countries and their capital at Sheppard Software.

Sheppard Software Africa

If your kid love to learn regarding continents, then Shepard Software offers some amazing courses and games to gain knowledge about Africa

Final Verdict

There is no doubt Sheppard Software website is one the best e-learning platforms that is a force to be reckoned with. The broad subject categories are truly incredible and helpful for preparing your child for his/her further education.

Most importantly, the reason why I recommend you this amazing e-learning website is due to the way courses and games are created and free from malicious content.

The only thing that I want more is the addition of tech courses and education regarding online privacy since it becomes one of the major issues globally.

If you still have any confusion or query, feel free to communicate with us. And if you want to add something valuable, we would love to hear from you. So do not hesitate to contact us by mentioning your comment below.

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  1. Lara.H

    What a great app! It will definitely help children in development and it will be interesting and fun for them. Many of my mothers who have children do not support computer and other gadgets for their children. I believe that we still will not be able to limit them from this, as now is the time. The time of innovation technologies and advanced systems. I do not limit my children to use gadgets. I teach them to use them profitably. They learn to draw, print texts. This will be very useful for them in their future studies. Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely try this application with my children!

    • Salman Ahmed

      Hey Lara, Thanks for sharing your review. i am happy that you love our blogs. If you want me to review some other app that you like, contact us by posting your suggestion. i would love to hear from you.

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